Leekes EcoSafe Oil Tank Project

The Challenge

Leekes, an independent home department retailer in the UK stocking Kingspan oil tanks, had to replace a 5000ltr steel oil tank at the Cross Hands store which was badly corroded.

There was an issue with access to the old oil tank as it was located at the bottom of an embankment with no steps, making it treacherous for the fuel delivery driver to deliver.

The tank wasn’t enclosed which also posed an issue.


Leekes required a contractor who could solve these issues. As Solid Fuel Services have previously worked with Leekes on numerous projects and have always completed work to a very high standard, they were confident that the work would be finished within a certain timescale. 

Solid Fuel Services carried out a free site survey, following which Leekes contacted Kingspan to discuss the best solution. Leekes then ordered two Kingspan oil tanks so there is now one tank supplying each of the two boilers rather than one tank supplying both. This enabled the customer to monitor their fuel consumption more effectively.

The old steel tank was removed by SFS and returned to Leekes for collection by Kingspan as part of a recycling scheme set up in conjunction with Leekes.

Solid Fuel Services (SFS) have also ensured the customer’s oil tanks are compliant, secure and safe as steps have been installed for deliveries.

EcoSafe Oil Tank