BlueTruckMaster® Portable AdBlue® Tank

Product Overview

Kingspan’s BlueTruckMaster tanks have been specifically designed for safe transportation of AdBlue. These portable AdBlue tanks are built from high-quality polyethylene, meaning they are resistant to structural damage, changing weather conditions and UV radiation. Our mobile AdBlue tanks are available from 200 to 900 litres, with a number of specification and dispensing options. This range suits a variety of applications including agricultural, construction and forestry. Backed up by excellent customer service support and a 5-year tank guarantee.*

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Product Information

Features & Benefits
  • Go anywhere transport AdBlue efficiently and safely to target location 
  • Easy to lift portable, mobile tanks can be easily lifted with its specifically designed lifting eyes or by using a forklift
  • Secure transportation internal baffle wall reduces liquid movement during transportation
  • Lockable lid prevents the contents of the tank and equipment from unauthorised access
  • Fully integrated pump allows for instant use
  • Automatic filling nozzle to protect against spills during refuelling
  • Cost saving transportation compact 200 and 300 litre models occupy only half a Euro Pallet for more economical distribution and reduced delivery costs
  • Manufactured from high quality polyethylene providing resistance to structural damage, changing weather conditions and UV radiation 
  • 5 year tank guarantee* for total peace of mind
  • Excellent customer service and after-sales support 

* With 1 year on equipment.

Capacity Length  Width   Height
200 ltrs  1180mm   860mm 500mm 
300 ltrs 600mm 800mm 890mm
430 ltrs  1180mm  860mm 910mm 
900 ltrs  1410mm  1050mm  1210mm 

Standard Equipment

  • Translucent PE tank with integrated baffle
  • Lockable cover
  • Suction line with mesh filter that guarantees purity of pumped liquid*
  • Gas springs
  • Self-primed 12 V DC pump
  • 4m flexible distribution hose with automatic nozzle
  • Automatic over pressure and vacuum relief valve
  • Offset threaded filling point

* Refers only to 900 l tank.

10 year guarantee, 2 year on equipment.

Optional Equipment

  • Self-priming 24 V DC pump
  • Self-priming 230 V AC pump
  • Digital flow meter for monitoring the amount of liquid pumped
  • Battery-powered LED lamp
  • Lifting shackles
  • Manual nozzle


BlueTruckMaster Portable AdBlue Data Sheet

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