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BlueMaster with Access Management System BlueMaster with Access Management System

Product Overview

Do you need a tank storage and dispensing solution able to support and monitor the activity of multiple users (1,500) with the addition of tank and product management? Then this is the system for you, all available on a cloud based application and RFID technology. The BlueMaster PRO AdBlue tank offers all the benefits of the BlueMaster Advanced tank range but with the additional functionality of our Kingspan Access fleet management system.
Gain complete control over distributed and stored AdBlue from the moment of delivery to the time of use in tanks that range from 2500 litres up to 9000. Back this up with excellent technical and customer service support, industry leading componentry and a 10 year tank guarantee*. 

BlueMaster Pro Specification Sheet

Product Information

Features & Benefits
Access Management System Features
  • All BlueMaster tanks are double skinned for environmental protection and to safeguard against contamination 
  • Innovative closed fluid path guarantees AdBlue purity and asset protection 
  • Kingspan Access fleet management system
  • Manufacturing and material compliant all BlueMaster tanks conform to the highest manufacturing and material compliance standards (ISO 22241, BS EN ISO 9001:2015) to deal with the chemical characteristics of AdBlue
  • Return on investment with onsite bulk storage means you can purchase larger volumes of AdBlue saving you time and money
  • 4000L and 5000L slimline space saving models feature compact design with a best in class capacity to footprint ratio
  • Expertise and knowledge - Kingspan has over 40 years’ expert experience in the engineering and manufacturing of liquid storage solutions. Over the past 10 years we have worked with AdBlue producers to create one of the safest and most environmentally responsible storage solutions available
  • 10 year guarantee* for total peace of mind
* 2 year parts guarantee 
  • Registration of fuel quantity delivered to each user/ vehicle
  • Built-in database for up to 1500 users/vehicles
  • Identification with unique RFID swipe cards/key Fobs or PIN
  • Real time user database update with GPRS, tank can be situated in any location
  • Two-level authentication
  • Location control via built-in GPS
  • Fuel theft, leakage and replacement detection
  • Reports
Model Length (mm) Width (mm)   Height (mm)
2500L 2460  1460 1860
4000L 3900 1150 2340
5000L Vertical 2850 2250 2350
5000L Slimline 3900 1150 2340
9000 ltrs 3280 2450  2950
Double Skinned Tank
Submersible Pump
2" Stainless Steel Dry Coupling Connection
Kingspan Access Tank Managment System - Starter pack inc. 40 RFID Cards, 40 RFID Key Fobs and RFID Card Reader
Piusi Automatic Dispensing Nozzle with nozzle holder pump switch
3/4” EPDM Delivery Hose (6m on 2500L and 8m on 4000L, 5000L Vertical & Slimline and 9000L)
Prepared for Kingspan WAP Telemetry
Light in Housing
Optional Extras
Tank fitted with Kingspan WAP Telemetry
Elaflex ZVA Automatic Dispensing Nozzle
Elaflex LV ZVA Automatic Dispensing Nozzle
Hose Reel (not available on 2500L)
Pack of 10 RFID Cards
Pack of 10 RFID Key Fobs


Planet Passionate
Planet Passionate
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.

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