AdBlue Storage Tanks for Agricultural Machinery

AdBlue® Storage Tanks
For Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

The majority of all farm equipment run on diesel engines as currently, there is no alternative that offers the same power to pull the necessary loads at such slow speeds while being cost effective.

Agriculture emission regulations are now at Stage V which will have an impact on all newly registered tractors and self-propelled machines. This stage of the regulations focuses on engine class for engines less than 19kW and above 560kW.

The new Stage V limits will take effect from 1st January 2019. This means that machinery manufacturers will need to make changes to their diesel powered engines and it is expected that they will combine a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system with a particulate filter in order to comply with the new regulations. Currently an open soot filter is used but this will soon be replaced with a closed particulate filter, so it won’t be necessary to switch to an electric drive. For a farm tractor with an engine less than 56kW, an SCR system won’t be necessary as there simply wouldn’t be the room for such a system.

An SCR system uses a reducing agent such as AdBlue to convert harmful nitrous oxide (NOx) into innocuous nitrogen and water which is commonly found in the air we breathe every day. AdBlue for agricultural machinery is now widely available but it is vitally important to protect the quality of your AdBlue in order to protect your SCR system on your farm equipment. AdBlue is highly susceptible to contamination from even the smallest amount of dirt/dust/fuel/oil/lubricant etc. and this can cause serious damage to an SCR system. When refilling your AdBlue, always ensure that you refill from an AdBlue tank that can guarantee AdBlue purity.

Kingspan offer a range of BlueMaster AdBlue tanks in a variety of capacities and with different AdBlue monitoring systems to cater to individual needs. BlueMaster AdBlue tanks guarantee AdBlue purity during its lifetime in the tank, protecting your machinery and the environment. 

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