EN 12101-2 Certified Mono Flap System

The Incendia Smoke Ventilator is an EN 12101-2 certified mono flap system and is suitable for the extraction of smoke and heat, daily ventilation and for daylighting.

Its large dimensions, a geometric surface of up to 5.1 m2, makes the Incendia ideally suited to the effective extraction of significant quantities of (polluted) hot air and smoke.

This flap ventilator is available with a safety mesh to prevent falls when open, and can be manufactured in any desired intermediate dimensions and is suitable for a flat (0-15°) build-in application.

Product Datasheet

Kingspan Incendia | Product Data Sheet

Product Information

Features & Benefits
Dimensions & Weight
  • Choice of uninsulated base or 30 mm insulated base
  • The Incendia is produced using recycled aluminium which produces 60 to 80% less CO2 emissions than the production of primary aluminium
  • Significant flexibility in dimensions and flange type
  • Seal covered all round with PE tape, which prevents freezing in position and guarantees high air density
  • Base and flanges are sea water and corrosion resistant EN AW 5754 (AlMg3) aluminium sheet material
  • Easy installation
Available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 800mm x 1000mm to 1700mm x 3000mm (Throat Size of Incendia; Width x Lenght)
  • EN 12101-2 approved: B300, WL1500
  • U-value system = 1.3 - 5.5 W/m2 K according to EN 10077-2 (depending on dimensions and version)
  • Air permeability in underpressure: EN 1026: 600 Pa, EN 12207: class 4
  • Watertightness: EN 1027: 600 Pa, EN 12208: class 9A
  • Resistance to varying wind loads: class C1, 200 Pa (= P2) deflection < 1/300 in accordance with EN 12210 / EN 12211
  • Fall-through safety: SB1200 according EN 1873:2014 *)

WL/SL is based on maximum dimension type 1730. If type < 1730 higher WL/SL possible

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