Kingspan Arcilite Rooflight

Kingspan Arcilite Rooflight

Thermally broken glass roof system for high insulation and outstanding efficiency

The thermally separated design of the Kingspan Arcilite rooflight uses high-efficiency glass to ensure outstanding insulation.

The system provides a uniform heat flow without significant local differences which limits the chance of condensation. The Arcilite is suitable for pitches of 15°, 30° or 45° to form a pyramid shape and smoke & heat exhaust windows or ventilation hatches can be easily integrated.

  • Easy to assemble the self-supporting structure
  • Smoke & Heat Exhaust (SHE) and Ventilation can be easily integrated
  • High-efficiency glass for outstanding insulation
  • Easy to combine with EN 12101-2 certified smoke & heat exhaust windows, ventilation hatches or louvred ventilators
  • Double or single pitches available in various angles, sizes and colours

Product Datasheet

Kingspan Arcilite Glass Roof - Product Datasheet

Technical Information

Snow load(N/m2) 750
Wind suction (N/m2) 1500
Glass weight (kg/m2) 35 
Air permeability EN 1026: 600 Pa, EN 12207: Class 4
Water tightness EN 1027: 900 Pa, EN 12208: Class E900
Resistance to varying wind loads Class B5, 1000 Pa (= P2) deflection < 1/200 in accordance with EN 12210 / EN 12211
Impact resistance SB1200 in accordance with EN 14963:2004

1) Different specifications for snow load, wind suction, glass weight and / or grid size lead to a different glass roof configuration.
2) Reactive forces per cross bar are determined based on your specific project data


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Kingspan Arcilite Rooflight
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Kingspan Arcilite Glass Roof - Product Datasheet

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