Kingspan Type G Roof Access Hatch

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Secure roof access hatch for easy and convenient access to the roof of the building

The simplistic design of the Kingspan Type G Roof Hatch makes it easy, safe and convenient to access the roof area.

Suitable for roof terraces, roof maintenance staircases and walk on flat roofs, the Type G Roof Hatch can be used on new build and refurbishment projects. Two gas pressure springs support the opening of the hatch and the 1100mm maximum width ensures easy and convenient access to the roof. It is also available with a ventilation drive for daily ventilation.

  • Simple, controlled opening with gas pressure sprung access
  • Equipped with a ladder support point for ease of access
  • Available with a ventilation drive to integrate roof access with ventilation and save space
  • Secure fixing to hold the Skylight Dome in the open position
  • Secure locking mechanism with a convenient lock

Product Datasheet

Kingspan Roof Access Hatches - Product Datasheet

Product Information

  • Integrates with Classic Skylight Domes
  • Opening width of 1100mm allowing convenient access
  • Easy and controlled opening with gas pressure spring
  • Skylight dome securely held in the open position
  • Secure locking mechanism 
  • Optional extra of ladder attachment point available
  • Available with ventilation drive option for natural building ventilation
Product Reference Delivery size mm x mm
Exit Hatch Type G 600 x 900 1000 x 2000 1250 x 1250
800 x 800 1000 x 2500 1250 x 2500
900 x 900 1200 x 1200 1500 x 1500
900 x 1200 1200 x 1500 1500 x 1800
1000 x 1000 1200 x 1800 1500 x 2500
1000 x 1500 1200 x 2400
Other dimensions available on request
The structural performance of the Type G Roof Access Hatch is covered by Kingspan Guarantee for a period up to 2 years, actuators for 1 year expanded to 3 years with a Service and Maintenance contract.

NBS Kingspan Plus dome Type G roof access hatch

Kingspan Type G Roof Access Hatch - Product Datasheet

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