Kingspan Sky XS Roof Access Hatch


Safe and efficient roof hatch providing easy access for maintenance work

The large opening of the Kingspan Sky XS Roof Access Hatch ensures the safety of mechanics when performing installations or maintenance on the roof.

Designed in line with legislation around roof safety, this wide-opening roof hatch is easy to open and close, providing convenient access to the roof. Although it is already highly energy-efficient, it is possible to add extra insulation to the Kingspan XS Roof Access Hatch. It is also equipt with a secure locking mechanism which is incorporated into the hatch opening.

  • Safe access for mechanics to perform installations and maintenance on roofs
  • 50mm insulation thickness from the unique raised edge
  • Extra 19cm of insulation is available due to the overall height of the hatch
  • Designed with safety requirements and energy performance in mind
  • Powder coat finish in RAL colour can be supplied if required

Product Datasheet

Kingspan Sky XS - Product Datasheet

Product Information

Regulatory Compliance
Sky-XS Roof Access Hatch - Dimensions (W x L)
700 x 900 mm
900 x 900 mm 
700 x 1400 mm
900 x 2400 mm
1000 x 1000mm
The Sky-XS roof hatch is compliant with the following:
  • Insulation value (EN-ISO 10077-1/2): 1.7 - 1.9 W/m2 K
  • Sound insulation (EN-ISO 140-3): 22 dB
  • Wind and watertightness (EN 1027/EN 1873): 650 Pa
  • Structural strength (EN 1026/EN 1027): ± 3000 Pa
  • Airtightness (EN 1026): class 4, < 0.1 m3 /hour/m2 at 100 Pa
  • Loadbearing capacity (EN 1991-1/5): 200 kg/m²
The structural performance of the Sky-XS Roof Access Hatch is covered by Kingspan Guarantee for a period up to 5 years.

NBS Kingspan Sky-XS roof access hatch

Kingspan Sky XS - Product Datasheet

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