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Stored fuel quality could mean the difference between your generator kicking in or your business or facility going dark in an emergency. With stored fuel decomposing at a rate of 2.56g per day, it will no longer be fit for use within 6 months. The by-products of the fuel decomposition, such as grit & sludge, will then block fuel lines & injection pumps, causing catastrophic failure. 

Having your fuel cleaned, or polished, twice per year could secure your backup power & ensure legislative compliance. Kingspan's Fuel Cleaning System processes 90 litres of uel per minute, cleaning large volumes quickly to ensure it's fit for purpose. 

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What can contaminate my fuel?
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  • Save money by minimising the risk of generator failure. 
  • Using clean fuel is better for the environment.
  • Improved efficiency for your generator.
  • Ensures you are fully compliant with EN590 and ISO4406 standards.

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