EPA National Inspection Plan

Tank inspection
Have you just received your pre-inspection letter from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)? Unsure what to do next? No problem! We have put together the short guide below to help you prepare for the inspection and outline the process, based on the information available in the EPA’s National Inspection Plan document.

How to prepare

Before the Local Authority Inspector arrives at your property you should;
  • Locate the registration certificate for your wastewater treatment system.
  • Locate the system on your property.
  • If your system has recently been desludged, have the contractor’s details to hand, as the inspector may ask for this.
  • Ensure any installation, maintenance or improvement documents are available for the inspector to review.

The inspection

When the inspector arrives, you will be shown their ID card and authorisation to carry out the inspection on your wastewater treatment system. At this point they may ask you basic questions about your system and request your registration certificate and other paper work. The inspector will then examine your sewage treatment system. During their examination they will be checking for the following;
  • Leaks due to a faulty manhole or pipework.
  • Any excess sludge in the system.
  • Greywater and wastewater are entering the system where they can be treated.
  • That no roof water or rain water can get into the system and cause flooding.
  • Signs of ponding in the percolation area, nearby ditches and drains.
  • Pollution in percolation areas and ditches where discharge pipes expel water.
  • Nuisance noise
  • Odours

After the inspection

Within 21 days of the completion of your inspection you will be notified of the findings. Hopefully your system passes and requires no further action, however should your system be deemed to pose a risk to public health or the environment you will be issued an advisory notice. Within this advisory notice the local authority will outline the issues they have found with your wastewater treatment system and a deadline that you need to have remedial works completed by.

Who can help me with the required remedial works?

If you require any help or advice on technical or remedial works required to get these works completed our expert Kingspan Wastewater Service and Maintenance Team are on hand to help. You can reach us by calling 0818 543 500 or emailing helpingyou@kingspan.com.

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