Kingspan can help you preserve the reliability of your critical power source and ensure the fuel used for your generators is fit for purpose, whilst minimising deterioration. 

Upon completion of your Site Assessment, our Fuel Management Specialists are able to create a bespoke plan, tailored to the needs of your business. This is based on the fuel resilience survey performed on samples taken from your fuel tanks, which then determines how in depth the Fuel Polishing process needs to be to help you meet EN590 and ISO 4406:1999 requirements (click here for more details).  
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Did you know that on average, one hour of downtime could cost your company approximately 313,440?

What is Fuel Polishing?

Fuel Polishing Features & Benefits

With our Fuel Polishing services you could benefit from;
  • Security & peace of mind knowing your generator will not fail because of poor fuel.
  • Reduced costs, as faults caused by bad fuel will be eliminated, resulting in less injector & fuel pump repairs.
  • Financial savings, as there will be no need to dispose of bad fuel & replace it with new fuel.
  • Improved efficiency, with the engine on your generator running more economically with clean fuel.
  • A reduced environmental impact from the generator engines due to cleaner fuel 
  • Reduced risk by ensuring your tanks & fuel management systems meet current regulatory requirements.
  • Full support from our experienced, highly skilled & knowledgeable Customer Advisors, ensuring you have access to excellent customer service 24/7/365.
  • Hassle free project management from our Fuel Management Experts, assuring that your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Why is Fuel Polishing important?


Your stored fuel breaks down at a rate of 2.56 g per litre, per day. In fact, after 6 months you may find that your fuel had degraded so much, that it is no longer fit for purpose due to water absorption, microbial growth or the presence of grit and sludge. The presence of these contaminants can block fuel lines and damage fuel pumps, therefore damaging the generator and possibly leaving you without a back-up power supply. 

Fuel Polishing will also help you meet EN590 and ISO 4406:1999 standards for stored fuel. These cover the 'cleanliness' of your fuel and have been introduced to minimise the impact of the contaminants mentioned above. Find out more about EN590 and ISO 4406:1999 by clicking here.

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Kingspan Mobile Fuel Polishing Service

Our fuel polishing system can treat any volume of fuel from 1,000 litres to 5,600 litres per hour, with our custom built, mobile unit. Your fuel is pumped through our cleaning unit and back into the tank in a continuous, safe and efficient process. 

We take samples before (at the time of your Site Assessment), during and after the cleaning process to show the effectiveness of our fuel polishing process. 

What does our Fuel Polishing System do?

The Kingspan Fuel Polishing system can process up to 90 litres per minute or 5,600 litres per hour of Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Kerosine or Ethonal. During this process, your fuel is filtered down to 2 mircons, therefore enabling;

  • the removal of emulsified water

  • cleaning of your fuel source to 200 parts per million - less than what is specificied by EN590

  • infection neutralisation and removal 

  • free water and sludge removal 

  • fuel optimisation 

  • removal of solid particulates (e.g. soot, rust and colloid carbon)

  • removal of microbial growth

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Fixed Units for Continuous Fuel Polishing

As well as mobile Fuel Polishing, Kingspan can also supply fixed, on-tank Fuel Polishing units. These units have been designed to continually polish your fuel and ensure it is fit for purpose. Our fuel polishing units will remove all contaminants from your fuel, including; water, bateria and solid particulates to provide you with a reliable fuel source which meets EN590 requirements.  

Want to know more about Fuel Polishing?

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Fuel Polishing

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