External Wall Insulation

The external walls of a house act like a barrier, retaining heat on the inside whilst protecting your property from the cold elements on the outside. External Wall Insulation is the perfect solution when looking to improve a properties heating energy performance and minimise heat leakage or ‘thermal bridges’. Thermal bridges are weaknesses within a building fabric or building material such as insulation that can allow heat from within the building to escape and cold from the outside to enter through these weak spot, this reduces the energy efficiency of the property, and cause thermal comfort problems.

External Wall Insulation will not only help you stay warm but it will also save energy and money. Available in a wide variety of colours and finished, External Wall Insulation can also transform the exterior of your property, making your home look completely refreshed or dramatically changing the exterior appearance of your house altogether the choice is up to you.

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How does it work?

This type of insulation solution involves mechanically fixing a layer of Kingspan insulation to the exterior wall of the property. This layer is applied to the entire envelope of the building and will prevent heat loss and thermal bridging. A weave fibre mesh is then embedded onto the insulation before being covered with a durable finish to withstand the weather and making the exterior of the property waterproof. When that is complete a render is applied. You can then choose from a variety of different finishes, including textured, painted, pebble-dashed, panelled and smooth, in a variety of colours. This is a non-intrusive procedure and will help prevent damp and condensation on the properties internal walls.

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What are the advantages of External Wall Insulation?
  • External Wall Insulation can be applied with minimal disruption to the tenants indoors
  • It will not reduce the floor space of your property
  • External Wall Insulation will transform the appearance of the properties outer walls and improve the walls ability to withstand the elements
  • By protecting the properties brickwork the lifespan of your walls will be increased
  • During the process the gaps & cracks in the brickwork will be filled, which will not only improve the properties aesthetics but also reduce drafts
  • External Wall Insulation will save energy and reduce the cost of your heating bill
How much does External Wall Insulation cost?

The cost of External Wall Insulation varies from property to property. However SEAI offer grants of up to €6,000 for External Wall Insulation installation in Ireland, which we will do all the paperwork for.

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