Building Energy Rating BER

What is a BER?

Sometimes inaccurately called a “BER rating” or a “BER energy rating”, a Building Energy Rating (BER) is an energy label which is calculated through a report. The rating is measured in an A to G BER ratings scale. An A rated home is highly energy efficient and will have on average much lower energy bills.

Who needs a BER?

Owners who are selling their homes in Ireland must provide a BER to perspective buyers. However, there are exceptions to the rule such as protected or listed buildings or temporary structures.

Landlords who are renting out properties should also provide a BER, which should be included on advertisements whether a home is for sale or for rent.

How long does a BER last?

A BER is valid for up to 10 years providing no work has been done in that time to improve the energy performance of the building. If work has been done a new BER will be needed. A provisional BER can be derived from the plans of a home not yet built this is only valid for 2 years.
How is a Building Energy Rating calculated?

Factors that are considered:
  • Size of the property
  • Orientation
  • The fabric of the building i.e. insulation
  • Fuel used to heat the space and water
  • Renewable energy generating technology incorporated into the dwelling

A BER does not include the electricity used for any other purpose then heating the space and water. Therefore, the electricity used to run the TV, cooker, fridge is not included.

A BER is calculated on the energy performance and carbon dioxide emissions associated with space heating, ventilation, water heating and light under the average running of the home.

How much does a BER Assessment Cost?

There is no set fee the advice is to shop around. However, there is a grant available for houses older than 2006 with other measures.

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