Retrofit Measures

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Energy Efficiency Scheme with Electric Ireland

Retrofit Measures

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Grant Type Description Grants Available
Solar Panels Using the immersion to heat your water is costly and time consuming. Why not install a Solar Panel on your roof and heat your water for free, have hot water all year round and reduce your electricity bill. Using solar thermal vacuum tube technology specifically developed for the use in overcast Northern European Climates, so rain hale or shine you can generate up to 70% of your hot water for Free.     €1200
Internal Wall Insulation  Up to 30% of your homes heat can be lost through poorly insulated walls. Insulated dry-lining board involves fixing insulated plasterboard to the inner surfaces of your external walls and can be used on any home. €2400
External Wall Insulation  External wall insulation is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for both insulation and appearance upgrades of existing buildings. High performance external insulation with minimal build up thickness and compatible with all major external render systems. (Semi Detached & Detached House) €4500/
Cavity Wall Insulation Created as a non-invasive solution to cavity wall insulation Kingspan Ecobead is one of the simplest forms of insulation upgrades available in Ireland. Proven to reduce energy costs, Ecobead improves thermal performance on both new and old properties. €400
Attic and Roof Insulation A poorly insulated roof could allow up to 35% of your home’s heat escape, which means it’s costing you money. Choose from a range of options to insulate your roof or attic to keep the heat firmly in your home and save you money. €400
Heating Controls Reduce your energy usage by up to 20% with easy to use heating controls and save money on your home heating bills €700
Building Energy Rating (BER) A Building Energy Rating (BER) must be undertaken on the home after grant aided works have been completed. However, a BER cannot be counted toward a bonus.
Please note: the minimum SEAI grant requirement of €400 has been removed. On your third measure you will receive a bonus of €300 and on your fourth another €100 bonus will be received.