Protective Packaging Polar Pack

Our packaging is designed to protect your product through the distribution chain; we understand that every customer has different needs. This is why we offer Polar Gel Packs and Polar foam blocks to facilitate the transport of temperature sensitive products within our packaging.

Polar gel packs are designed to refrigerate or maintain a moderate temperature for foods, medications and other perishables during transport in insulated containers such as our EPS Packaging.

The packs are intended to be frozen in a residential freezer and can be reused or disposed in normal waste. Simply clean with soap and water then store at room temperature when not required. The pack is safe and non-toxic.

A very economical alternative to wet ice the Polar Packs are enclosed in durable polyethylene film. The product is protected from moisture thanks to the Polar Pack’s multi-layered exterior, which also minimizes surface condensation.

We have a range of sizes available in both Polar gel packs and Polar foam blocks contact us today for more information.

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