Protective Packaging for Food and Seafood

With its shockproof and waterproof properties, our packaging provides excellent protection and insulation for food and seafood in transit, keeping it fresh and safe for consumption.

With a composition of 98% air and formed of a closed-cell foam structure consisting of microscopically small air bubbles, Kingspan Protective Packaging is the simplest and lowest cost thermal insulator available. Boxes come in a variety of sizes with interlocking lids and are tested for both air and sea transit.
  • Excellent protection and thermal values
  • Interlocking lids
  • Custom-printed logos
  • Proven design consistency
  • Repeat product performance
  • Variety of box sizes available
  • Tested for air and road transit
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable

Food & Seafood Packaging

Food & Seafood Packaging

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