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Consisting of 98% air, Kingspan Protective Packaging offers one of the lightest cut packaging materials available anywhere. Excellent shock absorption makes it a light, cost effective way to protect goods during transit.

With its exceptional versatility, packaging can be cut into any shape or size to suit even the most difficult packaging requirements - as intricately delicate or as large as you require. No tooling means it is especially ideal for low volume products.
  •   Easily cut and shaped to suit the most difficult packaging requirements
  •     Excellent shock absorption
  •     Ideal for low volume products – no tooling required
  •     Excellent protection and thermal values
  •     Environmentally friendly
  •     Recyclable
  •     A light cost effective way of protecting goods during transit
  •     Design service available

Cut Packaging Brochure

Cut Packaging Brochure

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