Protective Packaging Ancillary Products

Corner Packs

Kingspan design and manufacture protective packaging solutions for a wide range of products. We have a number of solutions to protect your product in transit. Our protective packaging is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) which is a light weight durable material. Our corner packs offer protection against shock and vibration damage while your product is in transit. We offer a wide range of corner and edge protectors contact us today to discuss the best solution for your product.


Absorbents Pads

The liners are designed to quickly and efficiently absorb liquid, which is then trapped inside the liner. This product locks in moisture to prevent spillage and reduce odour, it is safe, clean and easily disposed of. The packaging remains cold, clean and provides the optimal transport environment.

Loose Fill

Making sure your product is secure in transit is our speciality, while our boxes come in all shapes and sizes we realise not every product is the same. This is why we offer loose fill packing material to make sure your product arrives as you intended. Polystyrene loose pack fill is light and will not add to your transportation costs, it is odour free allowing for the optimal transport environment. It is suitable cushioning for delicate items, this packing is static free and does not leave any residue.

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