Calculations & Analysis

Condensation Risk Analysis

Condensation can substantially reduce the performance of insulation and could affect a building’s integrity. In order to predict any potential condensation before installing insulation, a Condensation Risk Analysis can be performed. Determining the risk of ‘interstitial’ or ‘surface’ condensation in a building depends on the components of the assembly, the order in which they appear in the construction, the building’s use and its geographical location (the calculation is based on specific local Met Office Data).

Condensation Risk Analysis for individual elements, performed in accordance with BS 5250: 2006 and BS EN ISO 13788: 2002, are supplied free-of-charge alongside U-value calculations produced by Kingspan Insulation’s Technical Services Department.

U-Value Calculations

U-value calculations can be performed free-of-charge to show compliance with current Building Regulations / Standards and best practice. They can be supported with a detailed report.
U-value calculations must be performed in accordance with BS 6946: 2007 using a method known as the ‘Combined Method’. Calculations should also be carried out in strict accordance with the guidance issued in BR 443 Conventions for U-value Calculations (2006).

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