What is the Thinnest Insulation Solution?

Thinnest insulation

A U-value is a measure of heat loss. It is expressed in W/m2K and shows the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of material (for example wall, roof, floor etc.) when the temperature (k) outside is at least one degree lower.

Put simply the lower the U-Value the less heat loss through the construction element.

Thinnest Insulation Option

We are often asked what is the thinnest insulation solution with the best U-Value particularly on jobs that are tight on space but require a low U-Value. Designs are being pushed; spaces are being used wisely and efficiently while new building regulations and sustainability guidelines are demanding more out of materials and products used on new creations.
OPTIM-R is Kingspan’s thinnest insulation. It comprises of a rigid vacuum insulation panel (VIP) with a micro porous core which is evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin, gas-tight envelope which gives an outstanding thermal conductivity of 0.007 W/m.K.

What does it actually mean for architects, builders and home owners alike?

For architects this means that in challenging plans, they no longer need to sacrifice design to accommodate space for bulky insulation; OPTIM-R Insulation is so streamlined and thanks to its innovating technology is up to 5 times more efficient than traditional insulation.

For builders this product is resistant to the passage of water vapor, is ideal for new build and refurbishments and it can be used in walls, floors and roofing.

For the home owner, OPTIM-R Insulation if installed correctly, will last the lifetime of the building and help make substantial savings on fuel bills while helping them meet new building regulations.

For new-build applications, there are increasing regulatory requirements and economic reasons to improve energy efficiency. The advantages of Optim-R within a new build project are the improved thermal performance of the building fabric whilst keeping the overall construction as thin as possible.

Refurbishment & Retrofit

In refurbishment there is arguably a greater need to keep constructions to a minimum thickness. Space is already at a premium and there may be little room for installing new insulation. For instance, in retrofit applications, Kingspan OPTIM-R provides solutions for areas that previously would have remained un-insulated because there was insufficient space available. Kingspan OPTIM-R can significantly enhance U-values in areas that would otherwise be accepted as denigrating the overall thermal performance.

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