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Flood Resilience


This Technical Bulletin examines current guidance for improving the flood resilience of our buildings and details the recommendations for insulation. It covers:

  • The flooding risk
  • Flood resistance and flood resilience
  • The 2007 Pitt Review
  • Government guidance and recommendations on insulation for walls and floors
  • Confirmation that Kingspan Kooltherm, Therma and Styrozone ranges fall into the recommended category of closed-cell insulation

Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen Cladding
This Technical Bulletin details the route to compliance with Approved Document B2 to the Building Regulations for insulated rainscreen cladding systems fixed to new and existing steel framed or masonry walls. It covers:
  • Buildings less than 18 metres in height with a non-combustible substrate
  • Buildings 18 metres or more in height
  • Kingspan Kooltherm K15 Rainscreen Board LABC Type Approval 


A study into the impact of breathability on condensation, mould growth, dust mite populations and health

Building Regs

Building Regs
The requirements for the conservation of fuel and power, which includes thermal insulation, in buildings in Ireland are detailed in Approved Documents TB F1, TB F2, TGD Dwellings and TGD Buildings other than Dwellings. In the sections below you will find:
  • Details about the content of the new Approved Documents
  • The effects it will have on methods of roof, wall and floor construction
  • Thicknesses of Kingspan Insulation products required to achieve the new standards
  • Thicknesses of other commonly used insulants are shown for comparison

Flat Roof Drainage

Flat Roof Drainage
This White Paper examines the cost analysis of the alternatives to tapered roofing systems to provide a fall in a warm flat roof. It concludes that:
  • Using tapered roofing systems to achieve a U-value of 0.16 W/m2.K could be up to 26.9% cheaper than using alternative methods to create a fall in a flat roof for drainage purposes.
  • Kingspan Thermataper Systems do not need time to dry out, saving time in the scheduling of a construction project
  • Kingspan Thermataper systems can be as little as 1.5% of the weight of a solution using screed to falls with a flat insulation board

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