Façades & Fire Safety

Information about façades and fire safety

Rainscreen and masonry façades are popular building envelope specifications, particularly in high–rise applications. They allow architectural freedom, whilst providing suitable protection against the elements.

However, choosing the best route to compliance, with current fire safety regulatory requirements in Ireland and Northern Ireland, requires a clear understanding of the complexities and the common misconceptions that surround the use of insulation in these constructions. The route that best serves the purpose of the building and the needs of stakeholders, whilst producing a well–balanced result, may not always be the most obvious option.

Our technical bulletin on façades and fire safety examines the use of insulation in the façades of buildings with a habitable storey 18 metres, or greater, above ground level. It also advises on how to interpret the guidance given in Technical Guidance Document B (Ireland) and Technical Booklet E (NI), for meeting the fire safety requirements of the Building Regulations / Standards for external fire spread.

Mythbuster - "non-combustible" may not be the only solution

We use the ISO 13785-1 test to compare the performance of different cladding systems, demonstrating that “non-combustible” materials may not be the only solution that is fit for purpose.

Kooltherm K15 Rainscreen Board


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