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Seamus Heaney Interpretive Centre

Kingspan Insulation is delighted to be a part of this project designing a bespoke tapered insulation roofing system for the Interpretive Centre.

The Project

Seamus Heaney was one of Irelands Greatest poets; he was also a playwright, translator and lecturer. Heaney received a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995 among other literary awards. A native to Northern Ireland he was raised in Derry and later moved to Dublin. Heaney had over 20 volumes of poetry and taught in Harvard University (1985-2006) and served as the Oxford Professor of Poetry (1989-1994).

Seamus Heaney passed away in 2013 and was buried in his home town of Bellaghy in Derry. In 2014 permission was granted by Magherafelt District Council for a state of the art Seamus Heaney Interpretive Centre on the main street in Bellaghy.

The new haven for the arts includes a large exhibition area including a selection of his personal belongings, a library,  art studio, café area, a 160-seater amphitheatre, and creative outdoor space.

The £4m facility totalling 2,036mts will house more than 2,000 books and reference materials from the personal library of the late poet. The former PSNI Station site will be transformed into a facility that will welcome up to 50,000 visitors each year when it opens in the summer of 2016.

Kingspan Insulation is delighted to be a part of this project designing a bespoke tapered insulation roofing system for the Interpretive Centre.

Using our Thermataper TT46 the tapered insulation scheme was designed to fall the rainwater to both tapered insulated gutters and directly to rainwater outlets. This meant accommodating many different drainage solutions with a mixture of straight falls, hips and valleys all to insure the quick removal of rainwater from the Centre’s roof.

The total roof area is 1236m² with the tapered insulation thickness ranges from 60mm to a height of 255mm with an overall fall off 1:80 and achieving an average U-Value of 0.18 W/m²K. Waterproofing was provided through a SIKA Trocal Single Ply Membrane. The tapered insulation and membrane were also fixed with thermally broken telescopic tube fasteners.

1710m² of our floor insulation Thermafloor TF70, which is perfect for solid concrete and suspended ground floors, was installed in this project. Such a large for area can typically achieve reasonable u values on its own once a low perimeter and area ratio (P/A) is achieved, and cold bridging minimised inconjuction with a horizontal perimeter insulation used only along the expose edges. However If the ground floor where to be left mainly uninsulated, with perimeter insulation only, the thermal performance would have been quite poor. To enhance the thermal performance, complete insulation of the ground floor was adopted. 140m2 of Kooltherm K3100mm was also used on the Semi exposed floor sections, and installed between timber floor joists to achieve a u value of 0.22  

Over 1400 square meters of our partial fill cavity wall insulation board, Thermawall TW50 was used,  in the main elevations, 90mm of the Thermawall TW50 which can give a thermal conductivity of 0.22 W/m²K, achieved a u-value of 0.19 W/m²K  within a standard masonry construction.

715m² of Kooltherm K7 Pitched Roof Board Insulation was used on this project; K7 can be used for the construction of insulated tiled or slated mansard roofs. The Kooltherm K7 is supplied in 1.2 x 2.4mm sheet sizes and can be easily cut on site to fit between timber sections.

Kooltherm K12 Framing Board Insulation for timber and steel framing systems was also used, and can handled and installed with ease due to its premium performance  fibre free phenolic core.

The project Architects are W&M Given and the building contractor is Brendan Loughran & Sons. The interpretive element of the project is being managed by Tandem Design.

Thermataper TT46, Thermafloor TF70, Kooltherm K3 Floorboard, Thermawall TW50, Kooltherm K7 Pitched Roof Board
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