Omagh Hospital

Omagh Hospital

Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital at the Tyrone Fermanagh sites saw an £65 million investment for much needed facilities across the site.

Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital

At the Tyrone Fermanagh sites saw an £65 million investment for much needed facilities across the site.
The 23,000m²  building located on a 50 acre site was designed to create the best environment for patients, staff and visitors. The new Omagh Hospital and primary care complex contains 80 consult exam rooms, 40 single in-patient bedrooms with en-suite shower/ toilet.

Product :
Kooltherm K10 Soffit Board, Kooltherm K3 Floorboard, Thermataper TT47, Thermaroof TR26
Todd Architects
McLaughlin & Harvey

The project details

The project has the latest wireless technology and equipment and features heating and cooling systems the removes the need for dust collecting radiators. The new two story complex contains four GP practices, a health care centre, treatment and diagnostic services, day surgery and urgent care, cardiac assessment renal services and intermediate care.

Our premium performance rigid thermoset insulation products featured in a number of applications for the project such as our Kooltherm K10 FM approved soffit insulation board. In the buildings cavity walls our easy to handle on site and quick to install Kooltherm K8 partial fill cavity wall insulation was also used. Our K8 wall board was accompanied by our Kooltherm Cavity Closer which was used to providing a simple and highly effective method for closing cavities around window and door openings.

Also used on this project was our Kooltherm K3 which is suitable for various different for floor applications. Our Kooltherm K3 was used in a range of thicknesses to offer the best thermal performance for the floor depth available. 

On the main flat roof of the project our Thermataper TT47  insulation was used to provide the required roof falls while also providing insulation to meet the projects thermal requirements. Our Thermaroof TR26  flat insulation board was also used on additional flat roof areas.

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