Daisy Lodge Case Study

Daisy Lodge is a custom-built short break centre built for the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children. The £3 million project is the first of its kind in Europe.

The Project

This five star facility offers  families with children, teenagers or parents suffering from cancer a chance to spend time together away from hospital environments in a nurturing, relaxing surrounding completely free of charge.

The project was led by main contractor Heron Bro’s Ltd and architect Michael McDowell and was finished two months ahead of schedule.  The 16,000 sq. ft. Daisy Lodge offers an impressive line-up of facilities to help families at any stage in their treatment to feel at home and relaxed. Daisy Lodge’s features include:

•    Six double family suites which are beautifully decorated
•    A wellbeing centre which includes a gym, therapy rooms and relaxation area
•    A collection of play areas which are suitable for a wide variety of age groups
•    A games room
•    Four therapy suites
•    Communal lounge areas
•    A restaurant
•    A cinema
•    Safe outdoor play areas

This amazing facility can accommodates up to 500 families a year, it replaces the previous Shimna Valley complex which could no longer meet the demands being placed on it.

Kingspan Insulation where very proud to be a part this inspiring project, a number of products where specified throughout the building. Thermafloor TF70 a high performance rigid thermoset insulation was used on the project which is ideal for use in solid concrete and suspended ground floors. Kingspan Thermafloor TF70 can be readily converted to accommodate underfloor heating systems.

For intermittent heating applications, where a fast response time is required, it is beneficial to have less thermal mass available to take up heat from the system and so placing the insulation layer below the screed or timber floor but above the concrete slab or beam and block floor is the best solution. In Timber Floors this arrangement has low thermal mass and so is more suited to intermittent heating cycle applications, while for a 24 hour heating cycle, placing the Insulation beneath the concrete slab and allowing the heat from the underfloor heating system to penetrate the concrete will provide a more even heating regime over a 24 hour period an make use of the thermal mass.

Our Kooltherm K8 Premium performance rigid insulation was used in the partial fill walls, with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.020 W/m.K and can achieve u values as low as 0.15 W/m²K in a standard cavity wall construction.

The Kingspan Kooltherm Cavity Closer which was used on the project is an ideal quick and easy solution for closing cavities around window and Door openings in cavity wall constructions, and provides a thermal break between the inner and outer masonry leafs thus complying with the current acceptable construction details, and greatly reduces any cold bridging. The Kooltherm Cavity Closer is available in 2.4m lengths and in various widths to suit between 100mm and 150mm cavity, ensuring a snug fit between masonry leafs. Each Kooltherm Cavity Closer can be easily trimmed down in width and length to suite the various tolerances found on site while providing a 1 hour fire rating to the cavity. 

For the roof application, Our Kooltherm K7 Pitched roof insulation in conjunction with our Kingspan Nilvent breathable membrane where used within the Daisy Lodge project. The Nilvent can be used for ventilated and un-ventilated pitched roofs as well as on timber frame walls and external cladding. The Nilvent breathable membrane is completely waterproof and airtight and can be left exposed on a roof or wall for a period of up to 2 month, as the top layer of the Kingspan Nilvent provides protection from UV and mechanical damage, while the middle layer performs as the functional layer and as the bottom layer provides abrasion resistance, ensuring long life to the breather Membrane.

The unique mountain lodge style building has beautiful views over the Mournes and is a perfect example of architecture, unique functionality and beauty all coming together to offer families who a going through so much time together.

Images courtesy of Cancer Fund for Children

Kooltherm K7 Pitched Roof Board, Kooltherm Cavity Closer, Kooltherm K8 Cavity Board
Michael McDowell
Health Care

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