Augher Castle

Augher Castle Case Study

When Augher Castle roof needed upgrading, we worked closely with Chris Allen Architects and provided a best-in-class insulation solution.

The Project

The roof of the castle in recent years had become a problem for its current owner. Augher Castle roof needed upgrading as it had no positive fall to the outlets which had led to the ponding of water and the deterioration of the existing roof, which also required a thermal upgrade. To address these issues Kingspan worked closely with Chris Allen Architects who were overseeing the project.

The solution to the castles roofing problems was a Tapered Insulation system which addresses a number of the issues, two insulation products where used in the build-up on the roof.  The roof required the thinnest possible solution to avoid chasing for new lead on the walls. With this in mind Kingspan Optim-R was specified for the project. Optim-R is a vacuum insulation panel which provides high levels of thermal efficiency with minimum thickness.

On top of Optim- R was placed ThermaRoof TT47, a tapered insulation, manufactured in this case with a 1:60 fall, for flat roofs to provide effective roof drainage. The insulation is designed for use with single ply PVC, multi-layer felt, mastic asphalt and applied cold liquid waterproofing, the latter system being chosen as the perfect solution for Augher castle. Sika’s ‘Sikalastic MTC’ liquid applied membrane was then cold applied to the TT47 board to waterproof the roof.  This was a fully bonded roof build up meaning every constituent layer was carefully adhered in place with specialist Sika adhesives across the roof.  Kingspan Thermataper range is specifically designed to prevent water ponding, the most common cause in the failure of flat roofing.

The joint insulation build-up of TT47 and Optim-R achieved a u-value of 0.16w/m²K. The current building regulations in Northern Ireland requires 0.18 W/m²K, the project now exceeds the requirements.

ThermaRoof TT47, OPTIM- R
Chris Allen Architects
Residential Building
Augher Castle

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