We at Kingspan Insulation know that picking the right insulation for you roofing project is essential. Roof and attic applications can be the largest areas of heat loss in a building. Depending on the structure of the project and the building type there are a range of products to choose from.

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We at Kingspan Insulation understand that there is more than one type of wall in a home or building. We have developed a wide range of insulation boards to suit any project, from external wall, cavity wall insulation to insulated plasterboard. We have solutions for masonry; timber and steel wall build ups within new build or renovation projects.

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Finding the best insulation for the job is one of our highest priorities at Kingspan Insulation. We have developed a wide range of products to provide the perfect solution for your project. We manufacture floor insulation suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic builds. We can provide solutions for heavy duty and cold store floor insulation. We have products for solid ground floors, suspended ground floors and soffit linings.

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We at Kingspan Insulation manufacture one of the thinnest and most efficient product available for the insulation of pipework in building services / HVAC applications and is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects in the residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and leisure sectors.

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