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Energy-Saving Building Technologies

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We also offer LED Solutions

Complete your energy-efficient building with our intelligent and highly-efficient LED luminaires. Used in combination with smart dimming controls and our range of Kingspan Day-Lite lighting solutions, the range can help to cut lighting energy bills by up to 90%.

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Energy-Saving Technologies

Our high-performance panel and daylighting solutions significantly reduce energy demand, creating advanced building envelopes which offer exceptional energy savings in the long-term.

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Preparing for NZEB?
Download our Energy Solutions Specification Guide

From creating energy-efficient envelopes to integrating renewable technologies, this guide can help you design buildings for NZEB and a sustainable future.

Did You Know? 

Our Insulated Roof Panels offer the ultimate in sustainable panel design, providing:
  • Zero moisture ingress, with no air filtration for lifetime thermal reliability;
  • Insulation continuity, with no gaps or missing insulation core;
  • Low CO2 emissions;
  • Contribution of up to 28% of potential BREEAM credits; 
  • The fibre-free insulation core is suitable for sensitive applications and helps to create healthy buildings.

Did You Know? 

A simple concept with incredible results, our daylighting solutions have been designed to integrate with our insulated roof and wall panels for superior fit and long-term thermal performance, achieving:
  • Exceptional levels of light transmission over the lifetime of the building, as polycarbonate does not yellow with age; 
  • High levels of natural light, which has been shown to increase occupant productivity and comfort;
  • A clear reduction in the amount of artificial lighting needed, thus reducing the energy consumption of the building;
  • A saving on carbon emissions of up to 26%.


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