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Product Highlights

UltraTech Ceiling Suspension System is designed to suit your specific cleanroom requirements. The system is available in semi-flush and flush options.
  • Flush integration of cleanroom fittings (such as our lighting, supply and return air housings, and smaller ceiling mounted services.)
  • Suitable for installation access, occasional inspection and maintenance. ( minor repair only)
  • Available in semi-flush and flush
  • Compatible with UltraTech Versatile and UltraTech Precision ranges.
Our high specification UltraTech Semi-flush Ceiling Suspension system has been designed for use within flush cleanroom systems.
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Technical Information

Product Data Sheet
Flush Ceiling
Suspension System

Ceiling Suspension Systems

UltraTech Versatile semi-flush ceiling systems can accommodate the semi-flush integration of cleanroom fittings such as lighting systems, supply and return air housings, and smaller ceiling mounted services.
The UltraTech Ceiling Suspension Systems are designed and classified as ceilings accessible for installation, occasional inspection and maintenance, minor repair only.

Please contact Kingspan Technical department for confirmation of loads and ceiling panel spans.
UltraTech Ceiling Suspension Systems are not designed for material storage.

Heavier building services such as air ducts, HEPA housings, piping and cable trays should not be supported from the ceiling suspension system.
Kingspan recommends that a separate walkway zone should be installed for highly trafficked areas of the walk on ceiling during and after installation.
Please contact the Kingspan Technical Department for an individual assessment of your cleanroom ceiling requirements.

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System Services & Accessories

Our dedicated technical support team will be on hand at each stage of the cleanroom cycle;
pre- and post manufacture.

Contact us for complimentary services including: guidance around ISO classifications for cleanrooms, TEKLA modelling, advice on fire & acoustic performance,U Value calculations,  bespoke construction detail,  ceiling panel load spans, structural calculations, optimised building energy modelling, factory tours and field services. 
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Client Testimonials

We spoke to Sonaca Aerospace about their UltraTech Versatile cleanroom; made possible with our long panel spans and QuadCore microcell core.

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