ERP Directive & Energy Efficiency

The ErP directive is an EU policy introduced to reduce energy consumption. It does so by defining minimum levels of energy efficiency and noise levels in products.
The outcome is that by September 2015, Energy Labelling and Ecodesign will have been introduced.

For more information, please refer to our 'What the ErP Directive means for you' documentation below.


Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help provide some guidance about the ErP Directive.

  1. What Does ErP stand for? 
    Energy related Products
  2. When does it come into effect?
    26th September 2015
  3. What impact does it have?
    All cylinders placed on the market at this point must have an Eco Label. This includes copper, stainless, vented, unvented, thermal stores.
  4. What does the label show on cylinders?
    In indirectly heated cylinders it is a measure of the insulation performance
    - It will show the energy lost in Watts.
    - It will show the cylinder capacity in Litres
    - It will identify the energy rating of the cylinder
  5. What about solar?
    Solar coils improve the rating of the cylinder.
  6. Are direct cylinders covered?
    Yes, but they are measured differently if fitted with heating elements.
  7. What is different about the testing?
    The testing takes into account the performance of the heat source as it is already present.
  8. What impact does this have?
    The label shows the energy consumption per year based on a standard pattern of consumption.
  9. Are there any other impacts?
    Due to the calculation method, direct cylinders will frequently achieve a lower rating than an indirect cylinder of the same size.
  10. Are any cylinders not covered? 
    Yes, if the cylinder is a one off design, then the manufacturer does not need to label the product.
  11. Can you give an example?
    If a customer required a cylinder manufactured to a specific design to fit into an existing cupboard then they could use the Kwikcyl service. As this is a next day service, it would not be possible to test the product.
  12. Would this cause problems?
    No. This is covered within the regulations. However, dependant upon the design Kingspan would be able to supply a label even though it would not be required. This is due to the large testing facility on site at the production facility. A Large database has already been established over the last 3 years
  13. What other requirements are there?
    In addition to applying the label all manufacturers need to make available product fiche for every product.
  14. How can I access the information? 
    Enter your product code and download your ErP directly from our resource library, by clicking here 
  15. Do I need to product code?
    Yes, the code is essential to identify which product fiche you require out of the 4500 products manufactured by Kingspan.