UK_KIP_Fire_torch test


Currently there are no tests required for insulated door systems. However, we strive for the highest performing systems and protecting people, property and goods in the instance of a fire is our top priority. This is why our team of chemists within the Kingspan Group push boundaries in order to have the highest performing fire protection possible in an insulated panel.
Our door panels benefit from the best performing insulated foam technology in the market:  Kingspan FIREsafe® PIR Technology.

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The protection of people, property & goods is our main priority. Check out our video to see the low smoke emissions and the protective barrier which is formed when our Kingspan FIREsafe® PIR Technology is burnt compared to other insulating materials.

Kingspan FIREsafe® PIR Technology – a new level of protection agasint fire.

Kingspan FIREsafe® PIR Technology is a Kingspan self-blended foam offering an exceptional thermal performance and a superior fire protection.

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