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About Kingspan

The Kingspan Group, 50 years of performance

Founded at the end of the 1960’s, the Kingspan Group has never ceased to grow in order to become a leader in the construction sector. Today, the group has manufacturing sites around the world, selling products in over 85 countries and employs more than 8000 people.

Your global partner

Kingspan is world leader in high performing insulating foam, building structure and enveloppe construction, integrating solar enegry solutions.

Innovation is what drives us

At Kingspan, we develop today, the products of tomorrow. Innovation is at the heart of every product, every project and every step in the production process. We innovate to provide efficient, durable and safe solutions.

A durable future is at our finger tips

Kingspan a été fondé avec une vision claire: être un leader dans le développement des bâtiments économes en énergie. D'ici 2020, notre objectif est que toutes les entités de Kingspan utilisent 100% d'énergie renouvelable. Le développement durable est la base de toutes nos activités en France.
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Why choose Kingspan ?

  • A unique selt-blended foam
  • Kingspan FIREsafe PIR Tchnology
  • THERMALsafe solution
  • Reduced lead times
  • Large product range
  • Excellent technical support
  • Unequalled customer service
  • Choice of color

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