FuelMaster® Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tank 1,225-9,000 Litres

Product Overview

The Kingspan FuelMaster range has been specifically designed for the secure storage, dispensing and protection of diesel fuel. Available from 1,225 - 9,000 litres, and offering a number of specification options with a choice of tank management and monitoring solutions to suit all types of user. This range gives our customers a quality cost-saving and compliant diesel storage solution backed by excellent customer service and a 10 year tank guarantee*.
FM1225 FM1225

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Product Information

In capacities ranging from 1,225 - 9,000 litres, the FuelMaster range of diesel storage and dispensing tanks comes in 5 equipment specifications and offers unique tank monitoring and management systems to any type of user. All tanks are double skinned for environmental protection and to safeguard against contamination. Fitted with a lockable cabinet as standard, the tanks provide protection for internal equipment and secure storage for diesel.

Features & benefits

  • Double skin construction
  • Tank Monitoring and Management systems
  • 10 micron particle & water filter standard
  • SpillStop overfill prevention device fitted as standard
  • Pump options: 56 L/min,72L/min
  • Secure fuel storage and efficient dispensing
  • Complete control over your fuel levels
  • 10 year tank guarantee*
  • Regulation Compliance: The Control of Pollution Regulations and comparable requirements across the UK and Ireland
  • OFCERT approved and manufactured to ISO standards for your complete peace of mind
  • Suitable for the following fuel types: Agricultural Fuel Oil (Class 2A) and Gas/Oil/Diesel (Class D) and Diesel Fuel in accordance with BSEN590

* One year guarantee on parts
Capacity Length Width Height
1,225 litres (270 Gals) 2,050mm 900mm 1,970mm
1,300 litres (285 Gals) 1,920mm 1,230mm 1,785mm
2,500 litres (550 Gals) 2,460mm 1,460mm 1,860mm
3,500 litres (755 Gals) 2,850mm 2,200mm 1,960mm
5,000 litres (1,100 Gals) 2,850mm 2,250mm 2,350mm
9,000 litres (1,980 Gals) 3,280mm 2,450mm 2,950mm
Specification Equipment Specification 1 Equipment Specification 2 Equipment Specification 3 Equipment Specification 4 Equipment Specification 5
FuelMaster STANDARD FuelMaster STANDARD FuelMaster STANDARD FuelMaster STANDARD FuelMaster PRO
Double Skinned Tank
Green Door  
Red Door        
PIUSI Panther 56 Pump      
PIUSI Panther 72 Pump    
PIUSI K33 Analgoue Flowmeter      
PIUSI Pulser Flowmeter      
4m 3/4" Delivery Hose        
6m 3/4" Delivery Hose        
Hose Reel 8m 1" Delivery Hose    
PIUSI A60 automatic nozzle
Nozzle holder  
Nozzle holder with automatic pump switch        
Mechanical Clock Gauge for Level Display (1225 - 2500L)      
Watchman Sonic Plus level measurement (1225 - 2500L)        
UniWatchmanRX level measurement. (3500 - 9000L)    
PIUSI MC Box Multi-User Up to 120 Users        
Titan Access Management, Level Measurement and Leak Detection System        
Filter with Blanking Cap (10µm Metal Filter)
Light in housing  
Filling through 2" BSP Coupling
Spillstop mechanical overfill protection
Hose Holder Bracket         
Junction Box in Housing (3500 - 9000L)  
Driptray in Housing (3500 - 9000L)  
Product Codes & Capacities 0032600 (1225L)
0032601 (1300L)
0032602 (2500L) 
0032603 (1225L)
0032604 (1300L)
0032605 (2500L)
0032606 (3500L)
0032607 (5000L)
0032608 (9000L)
0032609 (3500L)
0032610 (5000L)
0032611 (9000L) 
0032612 (5000L)
0032613 (9000L) 
0032614 (5000L) 0032615 (9000L)

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