Neo Plus Skylight Dome

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Thermally Broken Skylight Dome for Buildings with Higher Thermal Requirements

The versatile design of the Classic Plus Skylight Dome makes it an ideal smoke & heat extraction unit as well as providing daily ventilation and natural light.

It is highly energy-efficient and well suited to new build and energy optimised renovations that involve enhanced aesthetic and insulation requirements. It is lightweight in comparison to other solutions using ISO glass and easy to retrofit with accessories such as smoke & heat extraction and ventilation drives.

  • Reduced CO2 emissions due to high energy efficiency
  • Daylighting solution and fixed, ventable smoke & heat extraction (SHE) unit
  • Light-weight solution in comparison to others using ISO glass
  • Thermally separated profile for optimal energy efficiency (U-Value: 0.9-1.9 W/m2K)
  • Ideal for new builds and energy efficient renovations

Product Datasheet

Kingspan Plus Skylight Dome - Product Data Sheet

Technical Information

Roof Opening Size
 L x W (cm)
Incident Light Area (m2) Roof Opening Size
 L x W (cm)
Incident Light Area (m2) Roof Opening Size
 L x W (cm)
Incident Light Area (m2)
50x100 0.24 120x120 1.00 180x240 3.52
50x150 0.39 120x150 1.30 180x250 3.68
60x60 0.16 120x180 1.60 180x270 4.00
60x90 0.28 120x240 2.20 180x300 4.48
60x120 0.40 125x125 1.10 200x200 3.24
62.5x150 0.55 125x250 2.42 200x300 5.04
70x137 0.59 141x231 2.55    
70x141 0.61 150x150 1.69    
80x80 0.36 150x180 2.08    
90x90 0.49 150x210 2.47    
90x120 0.70 150x240 2.86    
100x100 0.64 150x250 2.99    
100x150 1.04 150x270 3.25    
100x200 1.44 150x300 3.64    
100x250 1.84 180x180 2.56    

Further dimensions available on request.
Technical Specifications Neo Plus Skylight Dome (Triple PC Skin) Neo Plus Skylight Dome (PC-st 20/7 with 1 PC skin) Neo Plus Skylight Dome (PC-st 20/3 with Aerogel filling + 1 PC skin)
U Value 1.9 W/m2K 1.2 W/m2K 0.92 W/m2K
Light Transmittance 43% 46% 50%
g Value 49% 54% 53%
Soundproofing Rwp 22 dB ≥ 24 dB ≥ 24 dB
  • Standard glazing, opal, with fire behaviour class E (EN 13501). B-s1,d0 glazing can also be provided.
  • Other glazing options (impact resistant, fire-resistant, transparent, or heat and soundproof glazing) available on request.


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Classic Skylight Dome - Simple Detail CAD Drawing

NBS Kingspan Classic Skylight Dome

Kingspan Neo Plus Skylight Dome
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Kingspan Plus Skylight Dome - Product Data Sheet

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