Tate Grid is the ideal solution for any application where heavy items and services need to be suspended within a data centre.

Replacing custom-built on-site structural support systems with Tate Grid can offer many advantages. A structural data centre ceiling allows you to design and specify the support solution in advance and, best of all it’s less expensive and faster to install.
  • Continuously threaded M10 slot enables services such as cable trays and containment, to be hung directly from the system anywhere throughout the data hall and technical rooms.
  • Pre-engineered factory produced components designed with notched extrusions aid alignment making it quick and easy to install.
  • 1.7kN Point Load & 2.4kN/m2 Uniform Load
  • Suitable for Cloud & Enterprise applications

Benefits of Tate Grid

  • Tate Grid is faster and easier to install than other data centre systems
  • Removes the need for custom-built on-site structural support systems
  • Tate Grid is highly cost effective versus custom built designed solutions 
  • Eliminates the need for multiple trades on-site
  • Design & on-site support from our experienced data centre team
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Product Information

Tate Grid Datasheet

Data Centre Solutions Brochure

Technical Information

Hanging Method Grid Load Performance (with building connectons 1200mm x 1200mm on centres) Connection to Bottom Slot Connector to Grid
Point Load 1.7kN* 1.7kN 3.6kN
Uniform Load 2.4kN/m2 - -
Ultimate Point Load 3.1kN 3.4kN 7.1kN

* Max point load no less than 1200mm apart in any direction.

•    600mm x 600mm , 600mm x 1200mm and other custom grids are available
•    Grid system with continuous threaded 1/4”-20 top, and M10 bottom channels
•    Ceiling tile supported by the flange on the main runner and structural tee simplifies installation
•    Max static point load of 1.7kN
•    Max uniform load capacity of 2.4kN/m2
•    3.6m main runners with locator notches at 600mm centres for fast installation
•    White painted finish as standard
•    6063-T5 extruded aluminium construction
•    XL connectors are used only at the end of 3.6m main runners


Planet Passionate
Planet Passionate
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