Partitions for Data Centres


Our data centre partition products comprise of HAC (rack to ceiling) and walls (floor to ceiling)

Constructed of aluminium, with several finish options, the partitions can be customised to seal numerous gap sizes and areas. Designed to be used in either hot or cold aisles, partitions are customised for every job to ensure air leakage is minimised.
  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective and attractive looking
  • Pre-assembled with supplied brackets for quick and easy installation.

Key performance characteristics

  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Modular design 
  • Transparent or semi-transparent panel
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Product Information

Data Centre Solutions

Data centre systems & solutions information

Technical Information

  • Pre-assembled panels and supplied brackets make for quick installation
  • Compression gaskets efficiently seal and minimise air leakage
  • Multiwall option adheres to 2013 NFPA 75 flame spread and smoke development requirements

Clear polycarbonate

  • Fully transparent
  • ASTM D-635 listed
  • Edge-sealing gaskets

Multiwall polycarbonate

  • Semi-transparent
  • Flame spread index <50
  • Smoke development <450
  • ASTM E-84 and ASTM D-635 listed
  • UL 94 Listed
  • 6mm thick with edge-sealing gaskets
  • Partition
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Foam Gasket with Adhesive Back
  • Installation Guide


Planet Passionate
Planet Passionate
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.