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PCL Bidvest Distribution Centre

Kingspan installed a cold storage system at the PCL Bidvest Distribution Centre in order to create an environment for storing dairy products. Read more.

The Project

When PCL (operated as part of Bidvest Logistics in the UK), the chilled food services company, wanted to carry out a refurbishment to its coldstore distribution centre in Manchester, IMA Cooling, the contractors for the project, turned to Kingspan Insulated Panels for the new internal envelope of the building.

Manchester, UK
Coldstore System:
UltraTemp Panel
CLEANsafe 120 | CLEANsafe 15
UltraTemp panels were ideally suited to the project, delivering the performance levels and finish PCL expect from us. Having worked with Kingspan’s panels for over seven years, our crews find them the best systems on the market in terms of consistency and reliability.

Mike Nash
IMA Cooling
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Superior Hygiene

Having worked with Kingspan’s Controlled Environments team on numerous installations in the past, IMA Cooling was quick to specify 20,000m² of Kingspan UltraTemp insulated wall and ceiling panels, as they are designed specifically for use within food manufacturing and temperature controlled storage facilities.

With the facility being used to store dairy products, it was essential that the new internal envelope allowed high levels of hygiene to be maintained. To meet this need, the  UltraTemp panels were specified with Kingspan CLEANsafe 120 coating which provides protection against contamination, resists both mould growth and surface extraction and allows the panels to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. 
Kingspan Controlled Environments PCL Bidvest Distribution Centre UK Image

Design Flexibility

UltraTemp insulated panels are available in a choice of six distinct, aesthetically-pleasing profiles. These fully bespoke panels can be manufactured with different profiles and coatings to the internal and external faces to suit project specific requirements. 175mm thick wall panels were specified for this project with the Equi-Bead profile on both sides in Kingspan CLEANsafe 120. The ceiling panels were specified with a thickness of 125mm, Equi-Bead profiling on both sides, and with Kingspan CLEANsafe 120 internally and Kingspan CLEANsafe 15 externally
Kingspan Controlled Environments PCL Bidvest Distribution Centre UK Image

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