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Confidence in Kingspan

Recent high-profile fires have reinforced the importance of choosing the right cladding system for your building.

This page explains the extensive fire testing certification available for both QuadCore™ Technology (our new hybrid bespoke insulation core) and our standard ECOsafe and FIREsafe PIR insulated panel systems. In addition it contains independent fire investigation reports to show how Kingspan panel systems perform in real fire situations. 

Unrivalled Testing & Approvals

Kingspan Insurer Certified sandwich panels achieve high levels of reaction to fire performance in tests specified for regulatory purposes, large scale tests developed by the insurance industry and large scale tests developed by other organisations including ISO, British Standards Institute (BSI) and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).
In addition to reaction to fire tests, we can provide various levels of fire resistance with Kingspan panel systems, achieving up to 3 hours fire integrity and 1 hour fire insulation.
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Our new fire document contains an overview of all the tests carried out by Kingspan on QuadCore™ Technology and our standard ECOsafe PIR and FIREsafe insulated panel systems.

Its in the core....

Protection of people, buildings and contents is of paramount importance. Watch this video to see the low smoke emissions and low char formation of QuadCoreTM Technology in comparison with other insulation core materials. Large-scale system testing is key, in this video our Building Technology Director, Mark Harris, walks you through the extensive suite of small, medium and large-scale testing that QuadCoreTM Technology undergoes and explains why QuadCore sets a new global standard for fire performance in a closed cell insulation core.

QuadCoreTM Technology – a new level of fire protection from Kingspan

QuadCoreTM Technology is Kingspan’s new bespoke hybrid insulation core, featuring a distinctive grey microcell structure. Self-blended by Kingspan, QuadCoreTM Technology delivers unrivalled thermal efficiency, superior fire protection, enhanced environmental credentials and an industry-leading 40 year thermal and structural guarantee.

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