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KU Leuven - Rega Institute

The Rega Institute is a Belgian scientific establishment that is part of the Catholic University of Leuven in central Belgium.

The Project

This negatively pressuries cleanroom is certified to Biosafety Level 3 and features interlocking door and QuadCore UltraTech Veratile semi-flush ceilings. The 175mm thick QuadCore panel; provides stability of one hour in the event of a fire.

Kingspan provided stainless steel wall panels and doors as a special on the project in order to improve chemical resistance.

The project also features Ultratech Precision wall panels, UltraTech Versatile semi-flush ceiling panels, UltraTech flush doors and UltraTech flush windows
Kingspan Controlled Environments LEUVEN-REGA INSTITUTE BE Image

Product Information

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