Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Dri Design Shadow Project - Kilkenny Cinema Ireland Image


  • Installs twice as fast as comparable systems (hoc) 
  • Minimum components
  • High quality aesthetic
  • Wide range of colours, finishes, textures and metals
  • Cassette types and sizes easily interchanged 
  • Self-draining gutter, no streaks, low maintenance 
  • Dri-Design can be installed on any of our rainscreen substructures, find out more
Dri-Design rainscreen facade installs at least twice as fast as comparable systems and can be direct fix or form a ventilated cavity. The rainscreen cassette comes in three variations plus can be perforated. Stackbond or Stretcher Bond patterns, horizontal or vertical orientation, designers can achieve patterns that are easily interchangeable without the need for complicated rail and bracket systems. Dri-Design is available in a wide range of colours, finishesm textures and five different natural metals.* Dri-Design with QuadCore Karrier has been tested to BR135/BS8414, find out more

* (Aluminium currently avaliable, corten, steel, copper and zinc avaliable soon)

Dri-Design mini brochure

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Product Information

Product Snapshot
Fire Compliance & Environmental Ratings
Colours & Coatings

Dri-Design - Benefits

Speed Support Cost
Twice as fast as comparable systems (hoc) Field service engineering (FSE) installation training 7.5% cheaper than hoc
Minimum components Tech service Faster to install
Ease of handling Quotes 2 day turnaround Less Components
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Fire: Aluminium has Class 1 surface spread of flame to BS 476-7:1987, and are Class 0, as defined by building regulations.

Powder coated Aluminium is rated A2 

Enviromental:  Aluminium can be fully recycled and used for the production of new material.

Metals available in Dri-Design


When a design demands colour and tone, Kingspan Facades has a vast palette of choice. Aluminium can be coated in any RAL or BS colour, with coatings that can replicate more expensive metal options.

We have hundreds of options from metallic and standard to pearlised and textured.


Kingspan Facades Dri-Design QK Vertical Rail Collection

Kingspan Facades Dri-Design Rail QK Vertical CAD DWG

Kingspan Facades Dri-Design QK Vertical NBS

Kingspan Facades Dri-Design QK SFS NBS

BENCHMARK Dri-Design DataSheet

Dri-Design Case Studies

Dri-Design Cassette Options

  •  Flat
  • Tapered
  • Shadow    
Lackland AFB, Dri-Design Standard

Alternative Rainscreen Options

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Dri Design Standard Facade Image

Dri-Design rainscreen facade cassettes install twice as fast as comparable systems with option for a ventilated cavity. Get your free sample from Kingspan Facades


Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Hook-On Cassette Image

Hook-on-cassette rainscreen facade solutions can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation in varying materials and finishes. Explore the full Kingspan Facades range and get your free sample.

Hook-On Cassette Facade

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Interlocking Plank Project - EASTWOOD SCHOOL GLASGOW UK Image

Interlocking wall panel facades provide a high-quality panelised solution, available in many materials and finishes. Enquire online at Kingspan today.

Interlocking Plank

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Recess Fixed Project - SAFE STORAGE COMPANY UK Image

Recess fixed cassette facade provide cutting aesthetics and high performance solutions to any project. Enquire online at Kingspan today.

Recess Fix Facade

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Ceramic Granite Image

Ceramic granite rainscreen facades provide an attractive and hardwearing facade solution, in a wide choice of styles and colours. Enquire online at Kingspan.

Ceramic Granite Rainscreen Facade

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems HPL Rainscreen Facade Image

HPL rainscreen facades provide a panelised solution, available in many colours, patterns and textures. Enquire online at Kingspan today.

HPL Rainscreen Facade & Panel Solutions

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems BML100.1 Hook-on Project - MORRISONS BOOTH UK Image

BML100 is a hook-on, open joint rainscreen system with variable joint widths which is best suited for portrait panels as part of a vertical wall cladding system. BML60 is available with a hook-and-pin or a hidden plate variation of hook-on.

BML100.1 Hook-on

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems BML400 fixed Project - UWIC Western Ave Image

BML400 is a face-fixed rainscreen system which is suitable for all panel formats as part of a vertical wall cladding system. It can also be used for soffits and column casings, where a face-fixed panel is preferred.

BML400 Rainscreen System



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Images: Kilkenny Cinema, Ryerson University, Ventura US, Lackland AFB, Regent Park Aquatic, Henry Ford Community College, Parkview West.

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