Real Fire Case Studies

The following case studies involve insurance industry approved Kingspan ECOsafe PIR panel systems. The improved reaction to fire and fire resistance of QuadCore™ Technology means that insulated panels incorporating QuadCore™ Technology would be expected to provide equivalent or better performance in real fire situations with less smoke damage anticipated.

Kingspan Insulated Panel Systems Fire Image

Spider Transport, Ireland

This fire took place in the early hours of the morning on 17th September 2008, outside the Spider Transport building which was used as a warehouse and distribution point, in Wicklow, Ireland.
– The integrity of the Kingspan insulated panels was maintained, even immediately above the up and over door where the bottom of the insulating core was exposed to flame impingement and suffered severe charring.
– There were no signs of any spread of heat via the cores of the Kingspan insulated panels to any point within the building and no signs of spread within the cores of those panels.
– There is no indication that the Kingspan insulated panels contributed to the heat damage  caused by the fire.

Read the full case study on pg 14 of the Real Fire Case Studies brochure
Kingspan Insulated Panel Systems OilPool Prolab Image

Crude Oil Pool Fire, Netherlands

The facility at Arnhem in the Netherlands is used for the testing of equipment for the oil industry. On the 18th January 2013 a fire involving crude oil occurred in an external equipment testing area.

The test site was located adjacent to the main test building which was clad with Kingspan Insurer Certified PIR insulated wall panels up to a parapet wall which was constructed from polyurethane core panels.


The fire started at about 5.00pm and continued to burn intensely for about 10 minutes with the flame plume, during this period, ranging from 10m to 30m high. After this initial period the fire died down significantly to form a number of smaller separate pool fires. The available video information ends after about 18 minutes of burning; at which time only small pools of flaming remained.
Read the full case study on pg 15 of the Real Fire Case Studies brochure

Inghams Fire melb-3

Poultry Processing Factory, Australia

A fire occurred at an Australian poultry processing premises, late on an afternoon in January 2010.The area involved in the fire included the loading dock, finished product chiller, tunnelling chiller and plant room, all of which were contained within one building structure, approximately 10 metres in height and with 3,000m2floor area.


– The Kingspan Insurer Certified PIR insulated panels suffered only minor damage from heat.

– The heat created by the fire in adjacent non-Kingspan EPS panels resulted in significant heat being generated, which caused distortion of steel structural building framework, and melting of plastic pipes and fittings.

– The Kingspan panels did not contribute to the fire in any way, and provided firewall type shielding to a significant portion of the building to stop spread of the fire, and protect specialised processing facilities from damage.

Read the full case study on pg 22 of the Real Fire Case Studies brochure

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