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HEB2_W is part of our bonded wood finishes collection combining the structural performance of an access floor with a genuine timber finish. Offering a variety of wood types and pattern options, HEB2_W access flooring system offers a versatile solution to enhance the look of any commercial application.
The panel comprises of a high density particle board core with a bonded natural wood surface and galvanised steel tray base. The panel is finished with an ABS edge band.

HEB2_W creates a long-lasting architectural finish to perfectly complement your commercial space and allow for ease of access to the underfloor void.

Features of HEB2_W

  • Simple panel removal and replacement       
  • Airborne and impact damping qualities
  • Floor height from 67mm to 1200mm using standard pedestals
  • EN13501:1 Bfl-s1 fire performance
  • Creation of underfloor plenum
  • Commercial floor with the beauty of wood

HEB2_W datasheet

Access Floors Finishes Brochure

Product information

System performance
Fire performance
System sound performance
Surface options
Surface designs
Ultimate load In excess of 6kN
Reaction EN 13501:1 Bfl-s1
Resistance EN 13501:2 REI 30
Impact Insulation (Lnfw) 50 dB
Thickness 42mm Nominal
System Weight 37.6kg/m2 Nominal
Panel Size 600mm x 600mm
Core Material 38mm high density particle board
Category Loose lay

The classifications given are based on the use of the Kingspan range of pedestals.

Selected HEB2_W samples

Surface designs

We offer several different options when it comes to the finish of your HEB2_W bonded wood floor. HEB2_W is available in three standard design options – industrial slim, 8/9 plank and 3 plank – and can be manufactured to meet the desired loading capabilities of your project.

Case studies

Pedestal options
Multipiece elements
Transition panels
Inlay designs
Custom designs
Further information


Stringers are required along the edge of full and cut panels at all perimeters and transitions. Where stringers are unable to be installed, use additional pedestals 300mm on centre along entire perimeter.

Use 1.5mm screw down stringer system.

Underfloor Plenum

This system can be supplied with neoprene gaskets to minimise air loss through the raised floor surface from the underfloor plenum to aid air circulation, distribution and management.


This product is available with two or more surface coverings to create a multi-piece panel or surface transition.
KAF_HEB6_P_Pedestal Option_UK_ROW

Steel pedestals* coated with an environmentally friendly clear passivation.

Alpha V

For voids between 25 to 610mm

Alpha III

For voids >610mm

Pedestal Adhesive

Standard or Acoustic pedestal adhesives available.
* Pivot-head adaptors and Nickel plated pedestals available upon request.

Finished floor heights from 67mm to 1200mm are available using standard pedestals. For heights outside of this range alternative pedestals are available.

Our multipiece design elements incorporate multiple pieces of porcelain of any aesthetic and colour combination on a single panel. Each piece of porcelain is individually edge banded to create a unique look that helps blend the access floor to form a custom tiled surface.
Whether you want to move between two finishes using full panels on either side of the transition line or a curved transition that occurs on a single panel, we can help you achieve your desired aesthetic. We offer customised design assistance with our in-house design team to ensure you capture the exact look you or your client wants.
Including an inlay in your access floor finish is a great way of truly personalising your project’s look. Creative designs and customised finish combinations, all of which are crafted in our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, are another exciting way to bring your project to life.
Custom finishes and designs are produced uniquely to your specific applications. To discuss your ideas and find out how to incorporate custom panels for your project, for technical information regarding, or to request a sample, please speak to our Architectural Finishes design team.

Access Floors Finishes Brochure

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