Modular ceramic finish

Our new revolutionary dry-lay click tile system features a technical porcelain ceramic top surface finish and a patented interlocking polymer and steel carrier system. Overlay Technical Porcelain meets the requirements of ISO 13006 for ceramic tiles of the best commercial quality.
With an incredibly fast installation process, this dry-lay system creates an adhesive-free, sustainable floor that is perfectly suited to high transit and challenging commercial environments.
The loose lay modular flooring system comprises of a porcelain top surface tile and a steel sheet combined with a high impact grid base. Each panel is interlinked to the adjacent panel using a series of thermoplastic elastomer connectors without the need for adhesives or fixings.
Overlay Technical Porcelain is designed to lay on to standard Kingspan raised access flooring systems.

Overlay Technical Porcelain datasheet

Overlay Technical Porcelain

Product information

Dimensional characteristics
Physical properties
Chemical properties
Thickness 20mm
Panel Size 600mm x 600mm
Core Material Porcelain
Category Loose lay
Dimensional Characteristics Norm Product Standard ISO13006 Average Value
Length & width ISO 10545-2 ± 0.6% ± 0.1%
Straightness of sides ISO 10545-2 ± 0.5% ± 0.1%
Rectangular tolerance ISO 10545-2 ± 0.6% ± 0.2%
Surface flatness ISO 10545-2 ± 0.5% ± 0.25%
Physical Properties Norm Product Standard ISO13006 Average Value
Water absorption ISO 10545-3 ≤0.6% ≤0.1%
Breaking strength ISO 10545-4 Min. 1.3 kN ≥ 5.0 kN
Impact resistance ISO 10545-5 0.27 N/m2 ≥4.00 N/m2 *
Point load (1 inch2)     ≥ 4.0 kN
Resistance to deep abrasion (mm3) ISO 10545-6 Max. 175 130
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (1/k) ISO 10545-8 Test method available 6.3 x 10-6
Thermal shock resistance ISO 10545-9 Test method available Resistant
Moisture expansion ISO 10545-10 Test method available <0.1
Frost resistant ISO 10545-12 Required Resistant
Slipperiness critical angle DIN 51130 Matt (tile range dependant) R9/R11
Dynamic friction coefficient ANSI A137.1:2012
Matt (tile range dependant) >42 / >50
Slip resistance (PTV) UNE-ENV 12633
BS EN 13036-4
Matt (tile range dependant) Class I/III
>25 / >36 / >45
Chemical Properties Norm Product Standard ISO13006 Average Value
Flame resistance ISO 9239-1 / 11925-2   B-S1 (incl. system)
Resistance to chemicals 10545-13 Min. UB UA
Resistance to low concentrations 10545-13 Indicated by the manufacturer Acids: ULA Alkalis: ULA
Resistance to high concentrations 10545-13 Test method available Acids: ULA Alkalis: UHA
Resistance to staining 10545-14 Test method available 5

*According to CSTB Cahier 3659_v3 2010, Annexe 6 Choc Lourd

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Quick installation and easy removal

The system allows for quick installation and easy removal and replacement of components, enabling flexibility to change floor layouts as required. Individual tiles can be lifted from a Kingspan flooring system in minutes allowing full access to all sub-floor services with minimum disruption.

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Porcelain floors made easy

Our dry lay porcelain flooring is a combination of pressure laminated layers, giving the product unprecedented technical properties. An Overlay Technical Porcelain finish offers savings on installation costs of up to 40%, average maintenance cost savings of 85% over a five-year period, based on a 1,000 sq. m. floor installation.

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