1: Domestic Home or Commercial Building?

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Kingspan offers a wide range of high-performance wall solutions. The table below will help you identify the right solution for your project, and if you scroll through the tabs you can explore all the accessories we offer including structural steel, wall lighting and much more. But let’s start with some quick guidance…

Kingspan wall insulation for domestic homes

Some of our wall products such as insulated sandwich panels are intended for large, external wall applications and while they can be used for domestic projects, are typically used for large commercial buildings.  They also aren’t suitable for internal walls. 

Our range of insulation boards can be used for both internal cavity and external walls and can be applied with different fittings and build-ups.

Other wall products that we make, such as cavity wall insulation boards, are suitable for new build projects but cannot be retrofitted into a wall. However our pumped insulation solution is ideal for retrofitting.

If you are looking for a stockist for our wall insulation boards, you can find your local stockist here.

If you're renovating your home and looking for support and SEAI grant information, you'll find plenty of useful information on our retrofit page.

Kingspan wall insulation for commercial buildings

Kingspan insulated panels are ideal for a wide range of commercial buildings. You can explore our wall insulation panel solutions and view a range of projects here. We also have a wide range of insulation boards for walls in commercial buildings, you can explore our wall insulation boards here.

Alternatively take a look through the table below to find the right wall insulation product for you.

If you are creating a specialist environment,  these internal walls have unique requirements, and can be explored in our data centreclean room or cold storage areas.

2: Look at the Kingspan wall product options

Internal & External Wall Insulation
Controlled Environments
Structural Frames (Steel & Timber)
Wall Lights
Product Name Wall Type (internal /external/ full system) Build Type Thickness Range (mm) Core Type Length (m) Width (m)
KS1000 FC Five Crown  External, Full Sandwich Panel 34/100 PIR 1.8-15 1.0
KS1000 SA EnergiPanel External, Full Sandwich Panel 106 PIR 1.8-15 1.0
Architectural Wall Panel KS600-1000 MR, EB, MM, CX, WV, PL, FL, FL-S, CW, LV, TL  External, Full Sandwich Panel 45-150 QuadCore & PIR 1.8-17 0.6-1
KS1000 RW Trapezoidal External, Full Sandwich Panel 40-150 QuadCore & PIR 1.8-29 1.0
KS1000 DR Secret Fix Trapezoidal External, Full Sandwich Panel 40-115 PIR 1.8-29 1.0
Evolution (Axis, Recess, Multi-groove) Exernal, Full Sandwich Panel 60-150 QuadCore 1.8-17m 0.6-1.0
Kooltherm K106 Cavity Board All Insulation Board 90 Phenolic 1.2 0.45
Kooltherm K108 Cavity Board All Insulation Board 20-120 Phenolic 1.2 0.45
Kooltherm K8 Cavity Board All Insulation Board 20-120 Phenolic 1.2 0.45
Kooltherm K5 External (masonary walls) Insulation Board 20-120 Phenolic 1.2 0.6
Kooltherm Cavity Closer External Insulation Board   Phenolic 2.4 0.1,0.125, 0.15
Kooltherm K12 External (with timber & steel frames) Insulation Board 20-120 Phenolic 2.4 1.2
Kooltherm K15 External (behind rainscreen facades) Insulation Board 25-150 Phenolic 2.4 1.2
Kooltherm K16 External Insulation Board 20-110 Phenolic 2.4 1.2
Kooltherm K17 External Insulation Board 20-80 Phenolic 2.4 1.2
Kooltherm K18 External Insulation Board 45-110 Phenolic 2.4 1.2
Kooltherm 112 External (for timber & steel frames) Insulation Board 25-120 Phenolic 2.4 1.2
Kooltherm K118 External Insulation Board 20-110 Phenolic 2.4 1.2
Thermawall TW50 All Insulation Board 20-140 PIR 1.2 0.45
Thermawall TW53 Internal Insulation Board 20-100 PIR 1.2 0.6
Thermawall TW55 External Insulation Board 20-160 PIR 2.4 1.2
Aerowall External Engineered moulded panel 75-300 Graphite enhanced expanded polystyrene 1.0/1.2 0.5/0.6
GreenGuard Basements External (basement walls) Rigid extruded polystyrene insulation 30-140 Rigid extruded polystyrene (XPS) 2.5 0.6
Kingspan TEK/ SIPs  All Structural Insulated Panels        

Product Name Wall Type (internal /external/ full system) Build Type Thickness Range (mm) Core Type Length (m) Width (m)
UltraTemp KS1100 CS Internal - temperature controlled Sandwich Panel 50-220 QuadCore 1.0-19.7 1.8
UltraTech Precision Wall & Ceiling Panel Internal - clean rooms Sandwich Panel 60/80 PIR 0.3-5.7 1.2
Product Name  System/Application Product Type
Kingframe Steel Framing System Full building steel framing system. Walls and Roofs A component-supply, structural, stud façade system. C & U shaped studs and tracks
KingBuild System Complete steel building structure and shell solution Off-site built, light-gauge steel sections and components 
KingPin  Connecting system System connecting light-weight rainscreen façades to steel frame external walls
Multichannel Structural steel system for steel based side wall cladding Pre-engineered structural channel sections to be used with all types of modern steel based side wall cladding whether laid vertically or horizontally.  Designed to complement the Multibeam purlin and cladding rail systems
Engineered Timber Wall System Prefabricated timber wall system  Timber wall system with insulated boards or SIPS (structural insulated panel). A complete wall system.


Product Name Type Material Light Transmission Solar Heat Gain Coefficient U-Value Range Length (m)
Day-Lite Klick Wall Light, external walls Polycarbonate  15-60% 0.51-.064 1.3  up to 12
KS1000 DLAWP Day-light Architectural Wall Light, external walls Polycarbonate 18-55% 0.36- 0.58 1.3 up to 8


Product Name  System/Application Product Type
Flashings Use with insulated sandwich panel walls Bullnose, corner, drip, ridge, verge and parapet profiles in steel or aluminium
Tophats Use with insulated sandwich panel walls 14 profiles available and full colour range to match insulated sandwich panel wall
Specialist Fabrications Use with insulated sandwich panel walls Custom-designed fabrications for any need

3: How do you want your wall to look?

This will depend on the project you are working on.

For a flagship office building, the architectural desire of the designer can be met through facades, different finishes and colours of products or by a different material entirely being built in front of the wall structure.  

For a residential housing development, you may be looking at something more practical involving masonry or timber frame. Here, you would probably be considering either a built-up wall using insulation boards, or structural insulated panels (SIPs).

Your main Kingspan options are:
  •  Insulated panels or structural insulated panels (SIPs) with different textures, finishes and colours 
  • Facades either as a highly architectural integrated sandwich panel or as a decorative rainscreen element as part of system with a built-up component wall or a standard sandwich panel.
  • A built-up wall using insulation boards and the exterior / interior finishes of your choice, for example masonry or metal / timber cladding.

We have a range of products which that all fulfil form and function on a number of levels and which that can often be mixed and matched together where a building needs a different look in different areas.

Some case studies for inspiration

4: Choose your insulated wall system

Built up wall
Most insulated wall designs and functions can be achieved with either a built-up system or/and a sandwich or composite panel system.

A built-up insulated wall

This uses a number of different components, all added to the wall individually.

For example insulation boards, breather membranes and vapour control layers could all form part of a built-up wall. This approach allows for flexibility in how you choose to build your wall, for example masonry construction or a timber/metal framing system

For commercial applications, a built up system would often include a facade outer layer. These systems can be seen by following this link.
insulated wall panel system

A sandwich or composite insulated panel system

Sandwich panels, composite panels or insulated panels are one completely integrated wall component with a steel top sheet, insulation foam in the middle and a steel inner sheet.

They are manufactured in individual panels to a specified length and are normally around 1m to 1.2m wide.

They are fitted directly to the steel frame of a building, which we can also provide either as purlins and rails or as a complete steel frame. They can also be fitted to block work or concrete using a tophat.

Example image of a sandwich panel wall system


Kingspan SIPs

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

SIPs can be used to create walls and roofs of a complete building.

They consist of a high performance insulation core that is autohesively bonded between two layers of OSB (oriented strand board)  during the manufacture process.

Building with SIPs often allows for a quicker construction and minimal site waste as the kit is designed and pre-cut before site delivery.

SIPs are also well suited to Passivhaus design as the excellent thermal performance can be supplemented and improved to meet the exacting standards required by the Passivhaus Standard.
Controlled environments

Specialist environments

Specialist environments such as laboratories, high tech manufacturing, food storage or preparation or horticultural businesses can also use a sandwich/composite panel system. 

These wall systems have been tailored for use in either a clean room or temperature-controlled setting, with special joints, coatings and fixtures.

Other considerations...

It is important when looking at the external face of your building to consider factors like:
  • Distance to the sea (due to wind loads and salt erosion),
  • Whether there are any restrictions due to location or building type (eg retrofit of a listed building)
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Warranty periods
  • Speed and method of installation
  • The purpose of the building in terms of its users/workers/visitors/nature of what is inside. 
Building regulations are a key factor and we can advise on how to meet and exceed these for your purpose and also how to consider other factors such as environmental and fire compliance. 

In order to create a well-insulated, well-ventilated wall that offers a healthy, optimal internal environment, you'll also need to think about the following areas, all of which Kingspan can provide. 

•    Wall lights

•    Insulated doors

•    Smoke management system and ventilation 

Selecting a smoke control and ventilation system to ensure building safety and regulatory compliance. Irish law requires that commercial and buildings over a certain size require an effective and tested smoke control system. Therefore selecting a system that ensures building and occupant safety is paramount.

Kingspan smoke control and ventilation products ensure that buildings are properly ventilated and that smoke is extracted quickly in the event of a fire to create safe escape and firefighter access routes. They also integrate seamlessly with a variety of other systems and offer a choice of electrical, pneumatic or mechanical control systems.


Extra information to help your project

5: Ask for some help or support

We have dedicated teams who can help with all questions about our products and can help advise on specific project queries. Please complete the form below and we will make sure the most relevant person gets back to you within 24 hours.

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