1: Where will you use your fuelling system?

Ad Blue tanks
Are you looking for the convenience of running your own fuelling or AdBlue system for a fleet of tractors, forklifts or other vehicles? Storing diesel, AdBlue or liquid fertiliser on site can provide a range of benefits including fast, easy, reliable access, the opportunity to buy it more economically in bulk and monitor levels and usage.
So, whether you work in agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, road haulage or a different sector, what are your options for installing a fuelling system on site? As market leaders in energy management solutions, we have created this handy guide to some of the key points you need to consider…

2: Choose your diesel, AdBlue or liquid fertiliser tank system

If one central location is best for your tanks, consider a static fuelling or AdBlue system. If you need to move fuel or AdBlue around your site or to different locations, check out our portable systems.
Look for a static system that offers you a tough, cost-saving and compliant storage solution. With Kingspan, outstanding quality is backed by excellent customer service and a 10-year tank guarantee*. Double skinned or bunded tanks like Kingspan’s offer more environmental protection and help to safeguard against contamination. 
For both diesel and AdBlue, choosing portable tanks that are ADR-approved (like Kingspan’s) means you can transport them to different sites or different parts of your land for convenient refuelling. Look for a lightweight, robust solution.

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3. What else do you need to consider?

Here are some of the questions to ask before you make your decision:


  • Would I be better with a slimline tank? Slimline tanks are designed for smaller areas or usage needs.
  • Is the tank built for safety and security? Does it comply with the necessary regulations and industry standards?
  • Do I require a tank level monitoring system?
  • What size do I need?

Diesel tanks

  • Do I require a record of dispensed fuel?
  • Do I require authorised access?

AdBlue tanks

  • How do I maintain the purity of my AdBlue? Even the smallest amount of dust, fuel, dirt, water etc. can seriously damage an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, which means that your choice of tank is a key decision.
  • Will the tank handle the geography, applications and weather conditions?
  • What if I have an existing fuel management system?  Can a new tank be incorporated into an existing fuel management system (as well as working as a standalone one)?

Liquid fertiliser tanks

  • How can I protect against tank corrosion? Consider containers built from high-quality polyethylene to resist corrosion and help prevent leakage.
  • What if I want to move the tanks? Choose containers that are designed to be safely transported without the use of heavy equipment.
  • How easy are the containers to install? Choose liquid fertiliser containers that can be installed in open spaces and don’t require foundations, racks or other means of ground attachment (although remember tanks should always be placed on even, stable locations).

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4. Would you benefit from a tank level monitoring system?

Today’s systems often have options for monitoring your system.

With Kingspan, you can choose from modern local and remote tank monitoring products, as well as advanced fuel management systems to help you measure fuel levels and consumption patterns. This gives you more peace of mind, control and visibility of your assets, either on your phone or centrally from a computer.

5: Look at the product options

Fuel Tank Options
Product Name Fuel Type Size Options (litres) Location
FuelMaster® Static Bunded Diesel 1225-9000 Static
TruckMaster® Portable Diesel 200-900 Portable 
BlueMaster® Static AdBlue® 2500-9000 Static
BlueTruckMaster Portable AdBlue® 200-900 Portable
SlimLine Edge AdBlue® 650-2000 Static


6: Ask for some help or support

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