1: Choose your cleanroom system

Clean Room
One of the most important considerations in an effective cleanroom environment is the quality and design of the cleanroom structure itself.

Knowing the ISO classification of your cleanroom may help with choosing the most suitable products.

Many different types of solutions are available. Your choice may be influenced by factors including classification, environment, flexibility or budget.

They are generally split up into these two product types:


These are high-end, modular cleanroom solutions tailored to your individual project requirements, delivered seamlessly by the technology experts.
  • A fully-flush system will have integrated doors and windows without any ledges.
  • Options will also be available to integrate services without the necessity for any plant on dado.
  • You can also achieve a seamless floor to wall detail.
Generally, this would be called for in a cleanroom with an ISO classification of 7 or better. The build method for a fully-flush system is progressive, which means the panels, doors, windows etc have to be installed in order as you build the wall.

At Kingspan, we offer a fully-flush option – UltraTech Precision.


These are often a more cost-effective solution for a lower grade cleanroom, typically seen in a Clean Not Classified or ISO 8 cleanroom.
  • Doors and windows will have a wraparound frame
  • Services usually run around the room in plant trunking.
  • The build method for a semi-flush system is non-progressive so you build the entire wall and then cut the openings for doors and windows, which means they can be installed retrospectively. This can be seen as time-saving as the doors and windows usually have a longer lead-time from the manufacturer.
At Kingspan, we offer a semi-flush alternative – UltraTech Versatile.  We also offer the UltraTech Versatile Flush. You can read more about this in the accessories section below.

Fav Faved

2: Which core do I need?

The panel core is the material that fills the void between the two metal skins.

This is available in three main materials of different types:

  • Foamed insulation - QuadCore Technology
  • Mineral fibre  
  • Aluminium honeycomb
Different products have different options. Your choice of core may be based on lambda value, acoustics, fire rating or budget.

Below is a table explaining which cores are available from Kingspan in our UltraTech range:
Core QuadCore Technology Mineral fibre Aluminium honeycomb
UltraTech Precision X X X
UltraTech Versatile X X  

3: What coating do I need?

The steel that makes up the face of the panel is pre-coated and there are different grades available.

The cleaning regime within the cleanroom often has a deciding factor on this item – if you knew that an intensive programme such as vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) was going to take place, you would need to make sure the coating would withstand the process.

At Kingspan, we can offer advice on this. Take a look at the table below for the coatings that are available from us, across both product ranges.

Coating name CLEANsafe 15 CLEANsafe 25 CLEANsafe 55 HYGIENEsafe CLEANsafe 316
Coating type Polyester 15µm Polyester 25µm PETfilm 55µm PVC rigid film : 120µm Mill finish stainless steel – grade 316
Nominal thickness 0.6mm/ 0.2in (incl coating) 0.6mm/ 0.2in (incl coating) 0.6mm/ 0.2in (incl coating) 0.6mm/ 0.2in (incl coating) 0.6mm/ 0.2in
Protection film No Yes (standard) Yes (standard) Yes (standard) Yes (standard)

Fav Faved

Fav Faved

4: What other items do I need for my cleanroom?

Now you have the walls and ceiling selected, you can look at what other features you need in your cleanroom.


These will be available in flush and semi-flush options, both with various furniture options: handles, closers, vision panels and kick plates.
Do you need a special colour for the doors? They are usually available in various RAL colours or white to match your panels. There are also other considerations such as whether any of your doors need to be interlocked?


Flush or semi-flush

Standard accessories 

Base detail, coving, flashings, ceiling suspension. Different accessories have different options such as coving – do you need aluminium or PVC?

Special accessories

These are usually associated with the fully flush system for integrating services such as electricity, data, gas and air.
The Kingspan UltraTech range has solutions for all the above options. Our unique Versatile Flush panel system enables you to combine the accessories usually associated with fully-flush ranges with a semi-flush panel. For more information, please see our brochures and data sheets or contact the team for more information and to discuss the options available.

Some case studies for inspiration

5: Look at the product options

Clean Room Products
Product Name System Type Application Type Thickeness Range (mm) Core Type Length (mm)
UltraTech Precision Flush Wall and Ceiling Panel Insulated sandwich panel Flush Cleanroom 60-80 PIR & mineral fibre 300-5700
Semi-flush ceiling and wall panels Insulated sandwich panel Semi-flush Cleanroom 40-100 QuadCore, PIR & mineral fibre Varies by core type. 
UltraTech Flush Ceiling Suspension System Ceiling Suspension Flush Cleanroom      
Semi-Flush Ceiling Suspension Ceiling Suspension Semi-flush Cleanroom      
UltraTech Flush Windows Windows Flush Cleanroom      
Semi-Flush Windows Windows Semi-flush Cleanroom      
UltraTech Flush Doors Doors Flush Cleanroom      
Semi-flush Doors Doors Semi-flush Cleanroom      
Ultratech Versatile Lighting Lighting Both      


6: Ask for some help or support

We have dedicated teams who can help with all questions about our products and can help advise on specific project queries. Please complete the form below and we will make sure the most relevant person gets back to you within 24 hours.

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