Queen Alia International Airport: An Architectural Tribute

Save 2012_Queen Alia International Airport_Image4_KZ-AE (LR)

With its striking and distinctive design, the $750 million terminal of the Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan’s largest airport, is an iconic piece of strategic infrastructure. Designed by architects Foster + Partners, the building combines architectural style with technology and sustainable material choices to meet both the design vision and cope with the region’s demanding climatic conditions.

The design of the Queen Alia International Airport is inspired by the landscape and culture of the Levant region in which it is based, which includes Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Cyprus, and some areas of Turkey and Iraq. The black flowing fabric of a Bedouin tent believed to be the inspiration for the design of its roof is the first thing incoming airplanes spot when landing from the sky. 127 domes branching out from supporting columns depict the palm leaves that speckle the local landscape. By the nature of its intricacies, the design was technically complex and required very specific solutions. KingZip Linea can achieve building shapes and geometries that no other products in the market can, and was used to create both the unique petal shape of the building’s roof, as well as the concrete domes.

The use of KingZip Linea also had to take into account the local climate, which presented its own unique challenges. A crucial design feature for the airport was controlling the amount of energy used. The main challenges resulted from the extreme temperature fluctuation in the Levant region, with soaring temperatures during the day which significantly drop after dusk. Such dramatic fluctuations in temperature not only put a strain the efficiency of the energy performance of the building, in terms of maintaining a comfortable atmosphere, but also building expansion and contraction. Managing this challenge was a key consideration in the decision to use KingZip Linea.

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