New Dutch development redefines the energy efficient roof

31 October 2017 Kingspan Group
With an increase in urban living worldwide, new housing developments are constantly being built. These new developments provide the practical function of housing in an ever-growing population while incorporating innovative technologies, as well as changing the way architects and engineers fulfil their goals.
One such innovation is happening in the Dutch commuter town of Borne. Borne is a municipality and town in the eastern Netherlands.
As a result of a growing population and lack of housing, the town created a new district, Bornsche Maten. This new stretch of neighbourhood utilises the best of modern design along with practical products. One new idea is the use of prefabricated multipurpose roofing panels.
Kingspan’s Unidek SolarPower has proven highly useful and adaptable for new neighbourhoods like this. Its innovative combination of both insulation and energy generation in one product is convenient for construction workers and beneficial for homeowners.
Last year, contractor, Scholte op Reimer, was tasked with constructing six interconnected houses in the Bornsche Maten neighbourhood. The contractor aimed to create homes with an environmentally conscious edge to them.
Work began in earnest and quickly outgrew the original design plans. Originally, the plan was to use traditional roofing and insulation methods. But senior sustainability and energy-efficiency construction advisor with Nieman Consulting Advisors, Herm Valk, said it was difficult to get the different parts and systems to work together efficiently.
Valk began looking for more efficient alternatives. He suggested the contractor change tact and use Kingspan Unidek panels instead. The preassembled elements are water and air tight, easy to install and have a sleek modern look.
But their true innovative streak lies in the ability to produce energy. Not only do the panels serve as the roof itself, but they also feature solar power panels that produce energy. Valk estimates that up to 90% of the energy needed for the homes will come from the panels alone.
On top of this, the panels also act as insulation keeping homes warm in the harsh Dutch winter. A clever innovation considering that the largest area of heat loss in a house is through the attic.
The ingenious design of the panels make for long term benefits both economically and environmentally. While, in the short term, the panels don’t sacrifice form for function and allow designers to focus on keeping the building aesthetically pleasing.
Kingspan developed these easy to install prefabricated panels as a convenient solution for builders and architects. Multiple panels can simply be slotted into place on the roof frames and once lined side by side are connected by simple wiring. There is no need to install several different systems.
With the easy installation of Kingspan Unidek, the Bornche Maten project was completed both on time and within budget.
Prefabricated and multipurpose construction materials pave the way for a more economically viable and environmentally conscious tomorrow.
Find out more about Kingspan Unidek here.

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