Kingspan donate water tanks to rural Ugandan communities

21 March 2018 Kingspan Group
Pictured above is a 260,000 litre Kingspan Rhino water tank built in the village of Nseese, Southern Uganda.

Currently, 2.1 billion people live without safe drinking water. This affects their health, education and livelihood. As March 22 marks World Water Day, it is an important time to highlight and develop practical solutions to ensure access to clean water for everyone.

Kingspan Rhino Australia has partnered with the Cotton On Foundation, providing eight 260,000 litre water tanks to rural communities in Southern Uganda. These much-needed tanks are placed in prime position next to school buildings for easy access.
Through a unique partnership with customers and team members, the Cotton on Foundation partners with communities in a number of countries to provide long-term opportunities in education, health, sustainability and infrastructure. Their mission is to provide 20,000 educational places to children around the world by 2020. Many young students in Uganda miss a lot of their classes due to preventable diseases, caused by a lack of access to sanitised water. By partnering with the Cotton on Foundation, Kingspan Rhino are able to build water tanks right next to the schools, providing safe and clean water for the students as well as the wider community.
Speaking next to one of the donated water tanks in Nseese village, Southern Uganda, Tim Diamond General Manager of the Cotton On Foundation said about the initiative:
Massive thank you to Kingspan Rhino for providing the tanks. Some of the children (in a particular school) have to walk up to five kilometres for access to clean water. Thanks to the Kingspan Rhino Tanks, 260,000 litres of clean water is now available. All the children have to do is step outside their school and they’re on their way.

Water issues in Uganda

Uganda has a population of 40.1 million people. Over 8 million of these citizens lack access to safe, clean water. This poses a major health problem for Ugandans, especially for children. 75% of these diseases are caused by unclean water and lack of sanitation. Therefore, the rural communities that Kingspan and the Cotton On Foundation work with need a viable, long-term solution to help deal with this problem and help get children back into the classroom. Kingspan believe that everybody deserves a sustainable future and are committed to delivering innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Speaking outside Kensekka primary school in Southern Uganda, Darren ‘Daz’ Sawyer, Country Manager in Uganda outlined the benefits of the tank saying:
The tanks have an amazing impact on the community. Fresh drinking water in these schools and these communities is huge. The waterborne diseases that we see in these schools are eliminated simply by having something like this (the tanks) here. It’s a massive contribution to the community.

How do the tanks work?

Kingspan Rhino tanks are innovatively designed so that the guttering and downpipes can harvest water during the heavy downpours in Uganda’s wet season. As well as building the tanks and supporting infrastructure, local people in the Ugandan communities have received training and upskilling in order to maintain these tanks for future generations as a long term solution.
In order to ensure quality control, the water tanks are manufactured as a kit that are then assembled on site by Kingspan Rhino’s team of specialists.
Kingspan Rhino Tanks also feature the Rhino Infinity Liner which ensures the water stays fresh, taste-free and safe from contaminants. This liner is state of the art food grade and UV treated. This liner is exclusive to Kingspan and comes with a 30-year guarantee, enforcing Kingspan’s belief of long-term solutions. 
Below is a video of some of the Cotton On Foundation team in Southern Uganda testing a newly installed Kingspan Rhino tank for the first time. 

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