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27 August 2018 Kingspan Group
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As a result of climate change, globalisation and an ever-growing population, water is one of the world’s greatest current and future global challenges. Water management and conservation is one of the most important concerns facing businesses in every industry. World Water Week will take place this year from the 26th – 31st August, bringing thousands of experts, decision-makers and business innovators from a range of sectors and countries together in Stockholm to network, exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions to the most pressing water-related challenges of today.

Our Water

Global water consumption is currently at 4,600sq kilometres every year, and as a result of the ever-growing global population, and increased water demand in line with higher demands in terms of standards of living, this figure could increase to as much as 6000sq kilometres by 2050. Only 10% of total water consumption is used in the day-to-day life of global citizens, powering showers and washing machines for example. Industry demands 20% of total water consumption, and agricultural use, primarily to facilitate irrigation, accounts for a massive 70% of total global water usage.

Any used water from the domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural sectors, any surface run off or stormwater or any sewer inflow or infiltration is considered wastewater. Shockingly, around 80% of all wastewater is released back into waterbodies, be that oceans, seas, lakes, ponds or wetlands without any treatment, resulting in deterioration of water quality around the world, and posing a serious threat to human health.

While the threat of water pollution looms large, so too does the troubling increase in water scarcity. In fact, the 2018 United Nations World Water Development Report 2018 cited that 1.9 billion people, 27% of the total global population, live in areas subject to water scarcity. Although water is categorised as a renewable resource, the fact that it is a precious commodity should never be underestimated. The reality of the importance of water conservation became very real this summer, as unprecedented weather experienced across Europe, and many days of drought, resulted in a ban on the use of all hose pipes in the months of July and August.
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Water Management Revolution

Kingspan is working to become a global leader in the design and supply of sustainable water management solutions, innovating to create the most efficient water management products, to deliver energy savings and curb water wastage.

The Kingspan range of water management systems include small and mid-sized wastewater systems. Kingspan’s Biodisc systems treat waste water for 1-50 people and our commercial Biodisc wastewater treatment products provide an innovative and low-energy wastewater solution for up to 2,500 people. The systems are easily portable and shippable, adaptable to flow variations and can be used as either temporary or permanent wastewater solutions. In fact, a Kingspan Biodisc project is already up and running in the wilds of the Australian outback, treating waste water for 300 employees.

Responding to Climate Change and Urbanisation

Due to climate change, across the world, rainfalls are getting heavier, more frequent and lasting longer. As our urban population and urban centres continue to grow steadily, there are more and more impervious surfaces that cannot absorb rainfall.  It is these urban areas and cities that need to invest in storm water protection.

During a storm, substances including fuel, rubber from tyres and metals from brakes find their way into the rain sewers and eventually waterbodies, deteriorating the water. As urbanisation and the global population continue to grow, stormwater treatment is an important project in terms of futureproofing and an area in where Kingspan is particularly looking to continue to develop its offering. Our tank systems can store part of the rain developed during a storm, and release the water when required, reducing the stress on our water networks.
Storm city

Permeation of Tech

As innovation is at the core of Kingspan’s approach to water management, it is only natural that we place a particular focus on how we can incorporate technology to make our water management offerings as effective and efficient as possible. Technology permeates everything we do today, and it is no surprise that the water sector is no different. We are looking into using big data and remote data transmission to ensure that there is connectivity between all of our water management systems, their users, and even service engineers so that any issues ever experienced by the systems can be solved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Kingspan’s water division is quickly becoming a global leader. This growth is attributable to innovation, a roadmap that we all need to look to, to address the global problems that are water scarcity and pollution. 

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